Links I’d share in private #6

Another week, another blogpost where I share what I read/saw/love from my Internet bingeing. This week’s keywords: a yummy recipe; on missing human curation (which I am doing with my blogposts 😛 ); on AI enhancing/destroying the current Tech job market; many beautiful Instagram accounts to follow; romanticizing life on low budget; and diet culture is (fucking) everywhere.

  • An easy and yummy recipe: Tofu and veggie stir-fry in sweet ginger sauce. A default recipe, easy to do on week nights, healthy and very tasty. You can replace the tofu with any meat or chickpeas.
  • To readI miss human curation“: ohhhhhh how I miss the good old days of StumbleUpon and random Internet serendipity. Cassidy Williams’ post captures my feelings about how the algorithmic social medias of today kinda kills the randomness of discovering new authors and interesting content online. Her text gave me the encouragements needed to keep pushing myself to write on my own blog, curating all of my favourites of the moment into interesting articles and blogposts.
  • Free images: I’m a sucker for beautiful pictures. And being a content creator, I like to add meaningful photos to my blog posts, adding some visual features to gain attention for my content. So I’m sharing these free websites where you can find beautiful graphics for your online content: Lummi, Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Freepik,
  • Article “When new technologies arrive, who wins and who losses?: on how AI tools can enhance – and destroy! – the current Tech job market. “Perhaps not surprisingly, the researchers found that when a new tool can perform a task in place of a worker, all affected workers suffer. “They experience a loss of wage earnings, and that is largely independent of age, their income level, which sector they’re working in, the type of job that they do, or whether they have a college degree,” Papanikolaou says. But when a new technology complements workers performing a task, the effects are more variable: the most experienced and highly paid workers suffer, while new hires appear to benefit.” Having felt this first-hand in my web development field – and as a senior web developer – I can concur with this phrase a lot. The most experienced folks are the ones being affected the most, especially with AI now. Anybody can code with the help of AI: the senior ones aren’t as “necessary” as before. That being said, experienced folks can be moved to more analytical/counselling level jobs, which can be better in terms of challenges and work load. So, we’ll see how it pans out in the next 18 months…
  • Instagram account to follow: @thandiwe_muriu
    I’ve been following more and more folks from the african continent on my social networks, and I’ve discovered many interesting stuffs: colors & patterns, music genres, artists to follow, countries to visit… It is a fascinating continent with a different beat of life, and I want to learn more about all the diverse tribes and nations there. Today, I’m presenting an artist that I love their photos and patterns.
  • Nice app “Easy Anatomy 3D”: I love anything related to human biology/anatomy, and I had the chance to come across this wonderful little app showing the human body in all its splendour and amazingness. It gives tons of information about any part from the human body, and I would have loved to have this app when I was studying anatomy back in cegep!
  • Romanticizing a “low spend” spring” : source
    Interesting ways to enjoy our current “hot” spring in Montreal without breaking your budget. I’ve been on a budget for the last 6 months, and it really made me enjoy life more. No need to spend tons of money to enjoy life!
@morgagefreeleigh on Instagram
  • Article “When diet culture sneaks up on you: Oh boy did this article made me react strongly. Being “harassed” by my doctor to absolutely lose weight _at all cost_, I can’t help but cry out a little over the culture of diets impacting us all in incredibly little details. This obsession with being slim is getting to a ridiculous extent, and is pretty toxic to me. I understand controlling weight for health reasons, but as I grow older, the body is having a much more difficult time losing that fat, and so far, the only way I have found to NOT gain weight is to restrict myself and _fast_…which ain’t healthy, I’ll be honest. But when I eat, I do not overly obsess over what I eat: I try to stay healthy but ENJOY the food that I eat. Still, the pervasiveness of the diet cultures is everywhere, and I am trying hard not to influence my teenager entering their growth period…
  • Another Instagram to follow: Alvaro Cubero Wildlife: If you love beautiful animal photos, you will fucking love this account!
  • A good question for my readers: How do you handle stress? Be honest, and share with me. It can be in the comments below, on social media, or in private! I’m curious to know, as I went through a burnout/stressful year in 2023, and stress has ALWAYS been a pain in the ass in my life…

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