Links I’d share in private

Been a while I haven’t shared random links and readings I had through my Internet’s binging. Enjoy these useful links and content!

  • Useful Link: https://www.ilovepdf.com : Useful website to edit, manipulate and transform PDF files all for free. Just make sure you aren’t manipulating private informations in your PDF before using this site, as I can’t guarantee how the files are kept and processed on their servers…
  • Quote: “Careers don’t exist. Don’t worry about the narrative of your “career.” Pursue your interests. Take care of your needs. Adapt to new circumstances. And be willing to reinvent yourself at any age.” (source of quote: Calvin Rosser – 40 Unconventional Pieces of Advice That Most People Ignore)
    I’ve learned this lesson the hard way last fall. Careers can be scrapped in a heartbeat: better be adaptable and follow your guts when it’s time to move on and change career. That’s what I did, and so far, my mental health is SO MUCH BETTER! Anxiety has diminished by A LOT, and I don’t feel like an incompetent baboon improvising her ways through her career…I haven’t felt the imposter syndrome in months now, which is refreshing!
  • Interesting Reading: Google is killing Retro Dodo – an excellent story explaining why we should start using alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo when we search for content online: Google is now entering their Monetization era and promoting only paying customers’ websites and links instead of independent websites owners and content creators.
    Now is the time to start paying all the independent creators that you like, as their survival depends on us now. Encourage indie content creators by subscribing to their Patreon; follow their RSS feed through Feedly or any RSS app reader; subscribe to their social medias accounts. Fuck the monopolistic approach of Google (and the Big Techs)!
    Which reminds me: I’ll have to ressucitate the Blogroll section on my own homepage, so I can recommend my favorite bloggers and content creators to follow online!
  • Thoughtful Reading: The state of Culture 2024 – another depressing thought piece, but sooooooo worth the read! Our culture and art, and yes even the Entertainment industry, are being drained through the Dopamine cartel, making us addicted to short attention span’s medias and content consumption. It’s time to start breaking from our addictions, and take small steps into breaking up with our tech devices. Go visit an art exhibit, go see a music show, go walk outside.

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