Recap 2023: F*ck this year LOL

Well, it went downhill after my last post! LOL

It started ok, and the first 6 months was looking good: I almost weaned off from my medication, and was on a path of good mental health.

The last 6 months of 2023 have been pretty chaotic and stressful, and while I did end up getting back on my feet after a pretty bad October/November… it was hurtful and depressing. I ended up having panic attacks many times over my future, wondering what would happen, when will I get back on my feet, and it fed my depressive state pretty bad. While I was down, and anxiety was through the roof, I was still able to imagine a better outcome in my future, not despairing too much over the hardship I was going through… At least one positive aspect came out of all of this: I guess therapy has finally shown its payoffs, making me able to visualize positivity throughout the shit storm I was going through. Knowing it could only get better was really all the motivation I needed to get through it all. For now, I managed to survive, and I am crossing my fingers the new path I have taken in December will produce satisfying results in 2024.

On another note, I am looking into 2024 very carefully, having some resolutions in mind for 2024:

  • start writing more here, and see how I can monetize it a little. I miss blogging, and I want to see if I can ever live off from freelance mode.
  • study again. I have a list of online classes I want to take, and since I really want to do more cybersecurity stuff in the future, I need to up my study time a little.
  • exercise on my bike again. I’ve bought a NordikTrack a year and half ago. Lack of motivation and depression didn’t help with my mood, and I kinda feel guilty of spending a lot of money for a barely used device. Having a huge video monitor that can screen bike rides throughout the world is fun, and I really loved the experience. I should do it more often, even if exercising is not of a big help on my general mood.
  • start my freelance career again after almost 10 years of hiatus.

Let’s get back at the end of 2024 and see how good I followed through my resolutions…!

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