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Rant against my local tech scene

SO I have a meetup tonight. I looked at the attendees list, and so far, I only saw 4 women attending the event. 4!!!

I’ve been 25 years in tech and web circles. In 25 years, I haven’t seen this bad a number in all of my career.

I get it: in our “reproductive”/family years, women aren’t able to attend because they have to care for their kids and the house, and can’t free themselves for events. I get that. And after a pandemic, and economic recession at our doorsteps, a lot of these women focus on keeping their jobs and salary,  and don’t have the energy after work to attend events. I am lucky that my kid is now old enough so I don’t need to be at home 24/7. I can now focus on my career, and attending events again.

But fuck does it make me cry and feel hopeless in my career field. I just see a fucking decline in our numbers in diversity, and I just want to scream….

And yes, I AM involved in diversity groups. For sure I’ll try to change things in the next few years!

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