Barbie’s Restaurant on #Yelp: I hope I never have to go back there again. EVER!

From my Yelp profile, a critic of a place I went during the Holidays, and just HATED the experience.

I hope I never have to go back there again. EVER!

I’ll start with my only positive point of the night: the waitress was good, polite, fast to serve us. I almost pitied her, having to deal with narrow alleys between rows of tables and no space what-so-ever to do her job in a huge reception room. Even if there was many waiters that helped each others to do the food service, the restaurant had just overbooked the place with so many groups in the same room.

Otherwise, the food was very average (I took the seafood casserole), my veggies were saturated with olive oil and overcooked/burned. The chocolate cheesecake was stiff and not creamy at all. My husband took the langoustine (scampi) plate, and was very disappointed with the size of it for the price he had to pay.

Since it was really crowded that night, it was very difficult to talk to our neighbors at our tables. Also, if you have toddlers: this is NOT a family restaurant. Your kids will get bored, and there’s no room for them to play. You can’t let them roam around the tables, because they’d get in the way of the waiters.

Overall, a bad experience.