Reviews: Smashing Conference 2016, & Hope Conference

I didn’t took the time to write about it but in 2016, I traveled a lot, attending conferences (one for work, and one during my vacations week). While I did not wrote any review on my blog, I wrote two journal entries for my work place, which can be read on the Plank Journal section. I am sharing the links to two reviews I did for two conferences I attended last year, which were actually quite fun and related to my field of work and tech interests:

  • Smashing Conference in New York City, June 2016
    I attended that conference for work, and it was also my first time traveling alone in the United States! Quite stressed over that one, but overall, it was great! I had an awesome time, discovered Hells Kitchen, and walked a lot when not attending the conference 🙂
  • Hope Conference in New York City, July 2016
    I’ve been reading the 2600 magazine for many years, and I always promised myself I would attend one hacker conference one day. Now I can say “Been there, done that, got the tshirt”, and all while having tons of fun, meeting great new people, and learning crazy stuffs from really geeky hackers!