Dead trees of 2016: my reading challenge

In 2016, I wanted to read more. I thought I could beat my 2015 record (read 20 books instead of 18), so I indicated my books number intention on Goodreads, but … I wasn’t able to reach that goal (You can see my year in review by clicking HERE). Spoilers: I read 19 books on 20 (Gaaaahhhh, missed one to complete my challenge for 2016!).

Basically, I did not read a lot of books: it consisted in lot of magazines (hello Nautilus!) that I haven’t read, accumulating the issues through the year; lots of online articles and blogs (no way to list those, I should list those for 2017); and a couple of non-fiction books mostly referred by friends and acquaintances that I absolutely wanted to read “on the spot”.

For 2017, I challenge myself again with a number: 24 (which you can also follow on my Goodreads page). I’m sticking to a conservative number because I do have a tendency to become too busy during the year (cue the eyes rolling from those who know me for a long time here), but I want to read again. A lot. I miss it. My depression, severe phase of apathy, and lack of energy last year did not help at all, but this year, I want to beat this. Reading seriously helped me calm my stormy mind in the last few months, so I thought it would be a good idea to keep the reading challenge for this year, see if it helps get me better and a little bit happier. Anyway, reading is always fun, so why not?

Who else will be doing the challenge?