My 3 words for 2014

Just saw this concept at my friend Fred’s blog, and I thought it would be a nice exercise for me too.

For 2014, here are my 3 words that I want to use as an inspiration in my daily routine, while thinking about any situation/event, at work, while thinking on any subject, etc.


Truth was always an important concept to me in my life: being truthful to myself, but also to every one else around me. I always preferred to be told the truth, be it hurtful or not, and I always liked the people who were totally honest and truthful with me on any subject, no taboo or restriction imposed. I just can’t stand lies and deception, and I found out that the truth always came out no matter the time passing by.

Why I want to prioritize Truth in 2014? It’s always been my life’s motto, but I want to give truth more space – and importance – in my life this year because I think there’s been a lack of it in the last couple of months around me. People around me trying to ‘glamorize’ their miserable lives; big companies, societies and leaders lying to the public for different reasons/purposes; me feeling more depressed as I repressed lots of thoughts and feelings I had in mind, and just wanted to shout out to the rest of the world; etc.

So, in 2014, I’ll try to be as truthful and honest as possible, starting with myself. And also starting not to care too much about potentially hurting someone somewhere in the world with what I’m saying (unless it’s really a dumb thought).


Family. Ahhhhhh, family. If there is a word that had immensely disappointed me and caused major shitty events in my past, family is one.

In 2014, I want to focus on the only people that really matter to me: my close family. You know, the one I created as time passed by, the relatives I choose to add in my personal life. Not the ‘blood’ relatives: most of them have greatly disappointed and hurt me big time in the past, so I am striking them out of my life. I tried giving second chances to most of them, but the emotional roller coaster they still manage to create in me are not worth it. In my mid-twenties, I managed to build a shell, to consider myself an orphan and move on in my life. But then, some events led me to give them another chance after their first screw-ups. Big mistake! I never felt so disappointed and, overall, abandoned at the end. Last Christmas was a swift kick in the butt from ‘Reality’:  nothing had changed, and I still felt so fucking sad.

So, for 2014, I thought this one would be a great time to do just that: kick them out of my life again, and just tell them to screw themselves. Because I’m tired of waiting after their approval for anything in my life; tired of waiting for their love of me; tired of waiting for some appreciation. I’ll only concentrate on the two most important person I choose to have in my life: the husband, and the kid. And also my best friends who I consider family.


I’m a junkie for knowledge: always reading, always dissecting new knowledge related to my work field, always seeking new knowledge to add to my skills. I don’t remember who/when/where I heard the phrase “Knowledge is power”, but this has proven to be so true in the last few years in every sphere of my life.

In 2014, I want to focus my search for good-quality knowledge: knowledge that will help me be a better front-end web developer; knowledge that will help me understand better the world we live in; good knowledge that will help me improve my quality of life; and knowledge that will help me to be a better historian.