from my Google Reader: 25 Fun Lunch Box Ideas

Back to school is just around the corner! Lunchtime at school can be the highlight of their day!  We are always trying to fill those lunch boxes with fun and creative food choices.  
Here are some of our favorites:

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from my Google Reader: Forget chickens, I’m getting a cat

Today I had to address the mountain of paperwork growing on my desk because I’ve seen the hoarding shows, and if you let things go long enough all of a sudden a possum is hiding somewhere in that stack and is going to be pissed when you find him. Also, I thought I might find all those gum wrappers I’d been collecting (no luck).

I stumbled across this video when I took a small break and had to take my left hand and force my right hand to stop clicking the play button again and again. I’m more mesmerized by this video than the cats are by that damn laser.

Do you screw with your cat like this? Because I may be willing to overlook my allergies just so that I could have this much fun with an animal.

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I’ve been a baaaaadddd blogger these last few months: haven’t been able to log in for at least 5 minutes, and give a quick update on myself and that crazy family I now have. Let me just drop some vodka in Nano’s milk, and I’ll be able to write it all down for you all.

And for the prude persons out there reading this: the vodka-in-the-milk bit was a joke, you hear me? A JOKE! <! – Yes, I now have to put some disclaimers on my writings, you never know which sick asshole would call the Youth Protection services thinking I did it for real ->

from my Tumblr: Jim Sterling: The ‘War’ on Marriage

Jim Sterling: The ‘War’ on Marriage:


I love the new “war on marriage” thing because it brings it back to what this anti-gay stuff has always been about — ego. When you say there’s a war on marriage, you imply that the world cares about your personal life as much as you care about the lives of gay people, and deep down, you fucking love

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