So, a quick comeback on a movie I went to see this week-end with a friend at the FIFA festival.

“Ordinaire ou Super: Mies van Der Rohe” was a great movie about one of the greatest architect of the 20th century. Mies was a very influential one, who wanted to create a new modern image of architecture, using new material like glass and steel, and using lots of space and areas of light in his creation. Two of his creations are here in Montreal: the Esso station at l’àŽle-des-Soeurs, and the Westmount Square. Anyway, it gaves me back the envy to just go back in urban studies, study in this domain in particular. But I guess I could always try for History of Architecture 😛

Before that movie, there was another one, presenting a Quebecer sculptor: Louis Archambault. A very intriguing old man, but very depressing, too. He seemed to be very cynical about the art world, how his works had never been truly recognized here in the province, but appreciated in the rest of the world. He was presented to me as a génie méconnu et sous-estimé, really underestimated. Anyway, it still is good to learn something new: I really liked his Symboles mystiques. I still wonder if they are at the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Guess I’ll have to go back there and see.

That was the quick artsy critique of the movies I saw this week-end.


Je fais la promotion d’une idée d’une amie, qui a parti un blog qui, ma foi, a un concept intéressant. écrire des nouvelles sur chaque station de métro à Montréal, et faire une compilation des meilleurs pour une – probable et future, croisons les doigts – publication. Alors, si vous avez la plume facile, et que l’expérience vous tente, allez-y. C’est sà»r que moi je m’essaie à ce jeu.



I’m helping a friend promote an idea that she had, which is to write a short story around the metro station, each one of them. So, if you are tempted by this experience, and wanna practice your writing skills, just go there and write something. It’s sure that I’m gonna write something.