Daily Chronicles: Day one

I miss blogging.

Been complaining for months no, years, that I wanted to write more. Blog again.

So fuck it. I decided today that I would restart writing. Even if it’s just a list of tiny details. Daily thoughts and unimportant events for the rest of the world, but oh so important/funny/cool/memorable for me.

Did I say already how I missed blogging?


• November and December are the worse months of the years to get up early for me. I just can’t rise when the sun is not up, and there’s no decent sunlight before 7:30 am…urghhhhh! My inner body clock is all screwed up again!
• Nano’s been sick. Again. Another cold. Urghhhh!
Geekfest MTL has come and gone, and it was a good success. Taking some much needed vacations from it, but ready to attack its planification by January 2016. Should be amazing!
• Did not have time to mention my new job since I started in September: frontend developer at Plank Design, a cool little web agency that’s been running around since almost 18 years. That’s a rarity in IT/Web field! Missed the agency’s beat.
• I miss podcasting. I miss exchanging on different subjects with people. *sigh*

Links of the day
SVG animation vs GIF animated