On motherhood and kids

I’m tired exhausted.  I’m ultra busy with work, family and school, and some social times with my close friends.


It’s been an hectic year since Nano came into our lives last year. She’s now 15 months old, full of energy and curiosity, and runs around in the house making our lives HELL (have to watch her ALL THE TIME – I’m starting to grow eyes behind my head, I swear!).

Maternity has been an…interesting, yet quite surprising experience. I got to know myself a lot more, and I now know my limits – other than the fact that I am WAYYYYYYY more patient with stuffs than before. I know that we will keep it at only one kid: I seriously wonder how people managed more than 1 kid on a daily basis when I look at my family life now. Or  these people are just crazy. Anyhow, I can’t fathom why they go for 2 or more kids in their life, my mind just can’t process the thought…or my body is just too damn tired and traumatized from the lack of sleep. A bit of both, I guess.

Still, seeing a human being grow every day is an enriching experience. I was curious to see it develop in front of my eyes, and gosh am I not disappointed! It’s really interesting to see our daughter trying to gain more independence in her movements, gaining more vocabulary (or sounds that vaguely resemble words, in her case) and communication skills with us, and quickly trying to grasp the sense and utility of things surrounding us. This is the point where I am happy I did changed my mind on having a kid. Or where, looking in my archives, I arrived on this post where Babou predicted my pregnancy at a time where I was adamant and swore I would never have a kid.

But anyway…I’m happy I became a mother. An unusual one in her role, I admit it (my friends and followers who saw me in real life will know what I talk about ;P ), but I do take an honor to raise my daughter to the best of my knowledge and values. I really hope she will  become an amazing adult, and that she will kick some asses later on, just like her mother 😀

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  1. You’re doing great and I’m sure she’ll be amazing 🙂 I’m looking forward to having a family too someday.

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