Random thoughts and news – October 2011

  • Reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop yesterday, and damn! This OS is getting better and better to utilize on an everyday basis. The only thing I can’t use for now is Steam (app for gaming) and I’m pretty sure I’ll find something soon to install it correctly on Ubuntu.
  • Nano is now 6 months old, Hurray for that! The first months are now done and, while it was pretty relax and easy with our daughter (everybody kept telling me I had an EASY baby to deal with!), I’m really glad she is growing bigger every day. I really can’t wait for her to walk and talk, and especially to feed herself all alone, without our help! But that might take a while…
  • On a more professional note, I’m taking it slowly before my “back-to-work” period  in January. After a six-months’ hiatus, I’m hitting the books and catching up on many web stuffs: languages, programming techniques, web design, etc. I’m also reacquainting myself with my colleagues and the projects that are coming in the next few months. Sounds really promising.
  • I’ll retry myself at blogging on a daily basis. Like my “get fit” plan, it will probably go to Hell in the next few weeks, but I’ll be trying. We’ll see how it goes.
  • I’m also going to try to do a daily post on all my shares and discoveries of the day on the Web. I’ll try to reassemble all my web stuffs in one place, here on my blog.