While waiting for Nano to come out…

I hate waiting!

That’s all I can feel these last few days. Waiting for Nano to come out of my body, waiting for my maternity leave to suddenly take a life of its own and occupy my time. I’m bored, it must be the 10th time I’ve cleaned the house and took everything junk out of the house. People are telling me “stop complaining and enjoy your vacations while it lasts”, but still, Nano was supposed to be born since the end of March, and we are now almost mid-April…This pregnancy is not making it easier for my moral, and it’s pretty clear I don’t want to live this hellish state a second, third or whatever-the-number times afterwards. And the next people whom tells me “Ohhh, you’ll change of idea in a couple of months/years and want more!”, I’ll punch him/her in the face, HARD!

Seriously, pregnancy is not a fun time for me, I found out. Feeling trapped in my own body, getting bigger and bigger, less flexible, heavier to lift, harder to walk and even breathe, getting kicked (sometimes pretty hard) in the belly…No mood swing for me (people were happy over that one!), no big “craving” or any other pregnancy symptoms/sickness. On a medical point-of-view, it was the ideal pregnancy that every woman wish to have in their life, but DAMN did I hate it! Couldn’t drink whatever I wanted, nor eaten my favorite foods; couldn’t go for long walks with Lorien like I did before anymore (everything left me breathless, even 2-3 steps!). Wished I could get a sterilization now, but don’t ask me why, my Doc doesn’t want to do the operation…grrrrrrrrr! I’ll still be stuck with that damn hormonal pill that will kill my mood for life. Don’t even start me on the contraceptions proposed to women, I’ll get really bitchy and angry!

So yeah, I really can’t wait to get Nano out of my belly and start feeling alive again! Whatever people will tell me now or in the future, Nano is pissing me off more now, in my belly, than it will piss me off in the future (for whatever reason/prank/occasion that baby will rise to achieve in its life 😛 ).