No rest for the Wicked!

Oh. Look at that: I have time to blog!

The GeekFest was a success! Last week-end, we had more attendees than expected, and the comments are quite positive, even with the errors we did (you’ll have to consider we were all beginners in organizing a festival!). I’m really happy with the results, and I am already planning next year’s activities… Yes, I’m really motivated!

Otherwise, I took the rest of my semester off, yet again. The festival, taking some time with the husband, and just having time to breath and relax, were more important than academia at this point of the year. Not that I’m not motivated for learning more in history and sociology but…screw this! I grew tired, and I just had the same questioning over and over. I don’t know if I’ll go back soon, or if I’ll go back in the same fields I was studying. We’ll see as time goes by!

Otherwise, it’s almost St-Patrick’s day, and I have no party planned. I need to have one, I skipped last year’s celebrations!