Inglorious Basterds – my quick review (no spoilers)

Seen the movie at Fantasia this summer, weeks ago (already!). I really loved it! 😀

Not the best Tarantino, but quite close; one of the principal characters, General Landa, is just fucking amazing (the actor and the character); and I just loved how Eli Roth defined the films as “kosher porn”. A damn good Tarantino!

The only bad critic I have to say: Alliance Atalntis Vivafilms are a bunch of archaic marketeers and decision-making directors. The decision to announce, just a day or two before the presentation (and only on the Fantasia film festival’s website) that no iPhone, cell, iPod Touch (WTF?) were allowed was completely ridiculous, and surprised those waiting in line whom did not received the memo. And having douchebags sitting in the reserved rows of said company in the Hall’s auditorium, playing with their damn iPhones/talking on it…If they had not been too far from me, I would have shoot popcorn at them during the entire movie! We even had to pass metal detector before entering the auditorium! If it wasn’t hypocrisy and damn corporate privilege, I don’t know what it was (I’m sure those idiots lacking class and decorum didn’t even pay a damn cent to see it, compared to me who DID  PAY).

Serious, this would have been the PERFECT time to actually let the public do their marketing job for the movie and promote it on Facebook, Twitter, etc…I can understand about not taking pictures, qik or record the movie, even if I now found it hard to believe that Montreal is a world-renowned pirating city (I think that’s a bullshit and unproven speculation). I can understand not spoiling it to the general public (whom are waiting to see it). But damn, that was a great opportunity missed by Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm. Rethink your public strategies, your marketing plans! Stop being ‘old school’.