Reflecting over my blog’s archive

I’ve been reviewing my blog for the last hour (mostly deleting old messages with bugs or putting a password on some intense posts), surfing through my blog’s archive, and wow…so many random thoughts came to my mind:

  • How I evolve from a hardcore party monster, emotional roller-coaster psycho, incapable-of-talking-and-expressing-herself girl to a quiet-professional-and-reasonable (I hope) woman in 6 years. It’s…pretty intense going through those archives. And kinda amazing all those memories I wrote down in my different blogs (LJ, WordPress…). In a way, I am happy I wrote all of these down, but guess now comes the time in my life when I have to protect these from the rest of the world. Yeah, censureship have now come to my blog 😛 My own!
  • From school-related topics (from “it was f… boring” to “I hate this sh*t”: I know, not really an original speech from my part at that time) to a more semi-professional and social stances. I stopped writing about my partys…anyway, I don’t party anymore. Age finally caught with me 😛
  • How I was…depressed. Alone. Scared. Trying to be courageous. Trying to cope. Trying to realize my childhood dreams. And how I finally managed to go beyond all this, and mature. I’m really happy with myself.
  • How I was soooooo unhappy in my last relationship. Sorry, but the texts I wrote… (deleted, by the way) Anyway, it’s now in the past. It’s just now that I realize how bad it was. And no, it’s not a one-side blame here, seriously.
  • How I seem more happy with myself in the last 2 years and a half. Seriously. Never thougth I see the day happenning…
  • How I stopped bitching on my classes (college as well as university classes) and talked more about history, the field, my researchs, my interests. How I stopped bitching on my career field (multimedia) and really started to enjoy it. Finally!
  • The family seems to have taken a good place back into my life after all these years and troubles. I’m at peace with the past on this aspect of my life, but I’m still happy I kept those posts in my archives. It really made me realized where I came from, how I was shaped as the woman I am today, and that I could forgive people for pretty awful stuff. But not forget. Just forgive, and move over for somethign better.
  • How I tried, over the years, to improve my writing skills, both in French and English, and managed it.
  • How I wrote down some very dangerous and/or compromising stuffs (deleted :P) between 2003-2006

After almost 6 years, I realize that I managed to mature with the help of my blog. Writing down my feelings of the moment, my thoughts, my discoveries…sharing it with the world. Even if people aren’t that interested in it, it was good for me. Hope I’ll be able to write for a long time here!

And here are so jewels I found back in my archives:

Gotta love mIRC

Animated Star Wars on TelNet