Little updates on me

It’s already the time of the year where we plan our annual vacations, Darling and me. I have to tell my boss I already have my vacations planned for the last week of August and one week in October (my 2nd anniversary with Darling, I’ll push so we go somewhere fancy for travel 😉 ). I don’t think there will be any problem as I don’t take my vacations during typical vacation time, like everybody else. I hate summer, so I don’t see a point taking my vacations at that time.

Also, I talked a bit with my roommate last night, and told her I finally cancelled my last semester at university, and was planning taking no courses for next fall, only going back to school part-time next winter. She was kinda surprised, as she told me afterwards. She knew how important it was, all those years ago, for me to go to university. ‘I changed, and my priorities seemed to have changed also’ she answered at the end of our conversation. Of course, she was then worrying what I was going to do, my plans for the short-term future, etc. She was reassured, by the end, that I did the right choice concerning my life. She did pointed out how tired I seemed in the last few months when school was concerned. She is such a mother hen, worrying for me, but I guess that’s the kind of relation we developped over the years, me and her. She’s the mother who worries over me.

Otherwise, quiet days ahead for me this week. I’ll finish the first phase of my website contract this week, and then it will be phase two (personalized content management system with a Paypal checkoutsystem).The second phase should be fun, asmy experience with ecommerce websites are going wayyyyyyyyy back (2004). Lot of things changed in 4 years. Oh well, I’ll relearn it.