*?(&I I hate local servers and modules management

Been reading all night on different open source shopping cart systems available on the net. It’s really useful is you have a huge catalog and you want to manage secure online payment system with credit cards and all those, but damn it’s hard to install php modules when you are on a system like WAMP or EasyPHP on a local server! I just wanted to test ZenCast shopping cart website, and I did not understand how to install cURL on my server. Luckily, I googled it and found the answer here.

Anyway, this just shows me that I really need a crash course in servers, apache, coding on servers and everything in between. It always takes me some time to understand how everything work, as we had an imcompetent teacher at school, so I can’t remember shit whatever he taught us. I have to relearn a lot on web servers. Grrrrr…..

Sometime I feel incompetent, even if I know I’m good and can do some hardcore coding. I hate searching a long time for answers and having no one (or resource) around to help me.


  1. Ouais, tu es entourée d’amis qui se prétendent assez artistes pour détester la programmation.
    Ou peut-être est-ce seulement la faute à Eddy.

  2. @Lorien: c’est la faute à Eddy et au département, qui n’a jamais réussis à comprendre qu’il était une nuisance aux étudiants et au département.

    @jez: thanks again for the tips on your website, guess I’ll now go there everytime I have a bug before googling it, in case you have something to say on any web subject 😀

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