Daily Chronicles: day…whatever-the-f*ck-it-now-is

Random thoughts:

  • NEVER enough coffee in my veins on a Monday morning…
  • Just watched Into the Badlands yesterday…this is a promising show: martial art moves, bad-ass characters, and a damn smoking hot redhead kicking all their butt and being too clever? OF COURSE I’m hooked 😛
  • So many people are having a hard time around me this year. THIS is a good reminder to keep in mind.

Links of the day:

From my Feedly: What I’ve Hated and What I’ve Loved About Web Development

In “On Web Development” and in other contexts I’ve alluded to wrapping up, ending my old career. That’s only correct to an extent. (In keeping with the intelligence community, always put everyone at risk by adding backdoors.)

from Blog (Philosophy, Adventure, Arts, Web Development) · Jens Oliver Meiert http://bit.ly/1M521Qp

Daily Chronicles: Day one

I miss blogging.

Been complaining for months no, years, that I wanted to write more. Blog again.

So fuck it. I decided today that I would restart writing. Even if it’s just a list of tiny details. Daily thoughts and unimportant events for the rest of the world, but oh so important/funny/cool/memorable for me.

Did I say already how I missed blogging?


• November and December are the worse months of the years to get up early for me. I just can’t rise when the sun is not up, and there’s no decent sunlight before 7:30 am…urghhhhh! My inner body clock is all screwed up again!
• Nano’s been sick. Again. Another cold. Urghhhh!
Geekfest MTL has come and gone, and it was a good success. Taking some much needed vacations from it, but ready to attack its planification by January 2016. Should be amazing!
• Did not have time to mention my new job since I started in September: frontend developer at Plank Design, a cool little web agency that’s been running around since almost 18 years. That’s a rarity in IT/Web field! Missed the agency’s beat.
• I miss podcasting. I miss exchanging on different subjects with people. *sigh*

Links of the day
SVG animation vs GIF animated

From my Feedly: Of impostor syndrome and running in circles (part 1)

If there is ONE subject that touches me a lot in my professional domain, it’s the infamous Imposter Syndrome. Even after 17+ years working as a web professional, I still have that impression of feeling inadequate, that I will be debunked, my credibility “attacked” for not knowing everything…and it’s STUPID! It’s a fucking useless and stupid feeling, an anxious thought that just doesn’t want to leave you alone. No amount of work you do through the years can totally erased all these dark thoughts and feelings you feel most of your time, and in my case, having been the victim of bullying throughout most of high school did NOT help at all with my self-esteem and self-confidence (fuck you all, by the way, you worthless bullies from High School! You are soooooooooooooooooo not worthed all the post-years of trauma, psychological stress and therapy sessions you brought on your victims with all your vile words and physical attacks).

So go read this article from Christian Heilmann: as you will read, even long-time professionals can feel that syndrome. We are not alone!

Of impostor syndrome and running in circles (part 1)
from Christian Heilmann http://bit.ly/1GaAP0v

From my Feedly: Progressive design for the modern web

Good responsive web design, by its nature, goes unnoticed to those consuming content online. So when someone asks for a new website, they’re often completely unaware of the concept, despite experiencing it on a daily basis. And yet, responsive website design is now acknowledged as standard practice throughout the industry. Building responsive websites has altered […]

from Webdesigner Depot http://bit.ly/1IYYORy

From my Feedly: You Are Not My Responsibility


Can we talk some more about how guilt tripping someone for not being interested in you is a really shitty thing to do?

Look, I’m sorry you’re lonely or depressed or  whatever. Those are bad things and having to deal with them isn’t fun. But I am not responsible. It is not my job to sacrifice my autonomy to make you feel better. Your attraction to me does not make your well-being my responsibility.

And to use your unhappiness as a tool to coerce me into a relationship or a sexual situation that I’m not comfortable with makes you a bad person.

Anybody who’s had to put up with this kind of emotional manipulation – you deserved better. You always deserve better. And you aren’t wrong to say no.

Oh yes. This.

from Fragments http://bit.ly/1IX8gXv

From my Feedly: Why Doesn’t Creativity Matter in Tech Recruiting?

Is that the intent of the hardcore interview process? To find people who are pure programming athletes, who amaze passersby with non-recursive quicksorts written on a subway platform whiteboard, and aren’t distracted by non-coding thoughts? It’s kinda cool in a way–that level of training is impressive–but I’m unconvinced that such a technically homogeneous team is the way to go.

from Programming in the 21st Century http://bit.ly/1K4oSxL