My second tattoo

Last February, I saw that tattoo design on the artist’s Facebook page, and after quickly conversing with her, I grab an appointment to get this inked a few days later.
As she was drawing this design into my skin, I slowly realized that this design, that I liked at first glance, suddenly came to take more signification in my mind.

The arrow pointing to the upper part of my body, to my head…

The green, my favorite color…
The compass rose, which represents my Pirate side of me…
The navigation star, there to guide me while I was lost in the sea of depression and utter nothingness for the last year…

My intuition was “spot on” when I selected this design!

Can you tell I love it?


I swear: I read Playboy for their articles!

Perusing through a pile of old Playboy a friend collects, he showed me this, knowing my sphere of interests in history. I always said it: I read Playboy for their articles!
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