Found on the Web: The 3 hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit

I am not a fan – at all! – of the Silicon Valley culture that is a big influence in my work domain (actually, scratch that: in our entire life!), but this article points out a lot of beef I have against the start-up/IoT mindset. Interesting read I am sharing.

It was also just one of a whole constellation of companies that now operate under an ingenious model: take some banal product that has been sold forever at low margins, attach the disposable part to a proprietary system that pretends to improve it but really just locks pepole into a particular vendor, add a touch screen manufactured by Chinese tweens, call it “Smart,” and sell it to schlubby dads too indebted to buy a midlife crisis car and too unattractive to have an affair.

Link: The three hot trends in Silicon Valley horsehit

Read on the Web: Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers

After working for 17 years as a web integrator-now-called-frontend-developer, seeing the rapidly changing javascript landscape and its new techniques, libraries and patterns can be exhausting for an ancient/old-schooler like me. But once you get the hang out of all these new tricks, you’ll feel happy to master it all.

“Learning modern JavaScript these days can feel like a futile exercise in WTF. For those moments you’re wondering if you missed your calling as a barista, Google’s Addy Osmani has the right advice:

I encourage folks to adopt this approach to keeping up with the JavaScript ecosystem: first do it, then do it right, then do it better. […]

It takes time, experimentation and skill to master the fundamentals of any new topic. Beginners shouldn’t feel like they’re failing if they’re not using the library-du-jour or reactive-pattern of the week. It took me weeks to get Babel and React right. Longer to get Isomorphic JS, WebPack and all of the other libraries around it right. Start simple and build on that base.”

Link: Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers, by Gina Trapani

My 2017 Online Sources: Web/Tech edition

Last week, I was asked at work to share with the team all my current online sources of news in my work field, and I was thinking “Hey, that’s something I could also share on my blog! I never actually shared my sources, could be useful…”. And thus, this list.

For now, I am sharing only my 2017 Web-related sites and newsletters links, but I will also create another one for all my other interests not tech-related.




IT Infosecurity  and Backend sources:

Frontend sources:

Design sources:

P.S. It WILL be edited throughout the year…

Reviews: Smashing Conference 2016, & Hope Conference

I didn’t took the time to write about it but in 2016, I traveled a lot, attending conferences (one for work, and one during my vacations week). While I did not wrote any review on my blog, I wrote two journal entries for my work place, which can be read on the Plank Journal section. I am sharing the links to two reviews I did for two conferences I attended last year, which were actually quite fun and related to my field of work and tech interests:

  • Smashing Conference in New York City, June 2016
    I attended that conference for work, and it was also my first time traveling alone in the United States! Quite stressed over that one, but overall, it was great! I had an awesome time, discovered Hells Kitchen, and walked a lot when not attending the conference 🙂
  • Hope Conference in New York City, July 2016
    I’ve been reading the 2600 magazine for many years, and I always promised myself I would attend one hacker conference one day. Now I can say “Been there, done that, got the tshirt”, and all while having tons of fun, meeting great new people, and learning crazy stuffs from really geeky hackers!

From my Feedly: Of impostor syndrome and running in circles (part 1)

If there is ONE subject that touches me a lot in my professional domain, it’s the infamous Imposter Syndrome. Even after 17+ years working as a web professional, I still have that impression of feeling inadequate, that I will be debunked, my credibility “attacked” for not knowing everything…and it’s STUPID! It’s a fucking useless and stupid feeling, an anxious thought that just doesn’t want to leave you alone. No amount of work you do through the years can totally erased all these dark thoughts and feelings you feel most of your time, and in my case, having been the victim of bullying throughout most of high school did NOT help at all with my self-esteem and self-confidence (fuck you all, by the way, you worthless bullies from High School! You are soooooooooooooooooo not worthed all the post-years of trauma, psychological stress and therapy sessions you brought on your victims with all your vile words and physical attacks).

So go read this article from Christian Heilmann: as you will read, even long-time professionals can feel that syndrome. We are not alone!

Of impostor syndrome and running in circles (part 1)
from Christian Heilmann

Looking for new opportunities

Aujourd’hui, je fais appel à mon réseau! Today, I’m making a call to my network! (English message below the French one):

Après plusieurs années à travailler avec mon excellent patron sur ses projets web (Branchez-Vous!, TabTimes,…), le temps est venu, pour moi, de diversifier mes talents d’intégratrice/développeuse web et apprendre de nouvelles technologies, pousser mes compétences actuelles à un autre niveau. Bref, il est temps pour moi d’aller voir ce qu’il y a d’intéressant, de nouveau, de rafraîchissant, pour faire fleurir mon talent web vers de nouveaux horizons.

Je me cherche donc de nouvelles opportunités de travail en tant que développeuse Web (front end), à Montréal. Mon CV est bien sûr présent en ligne ici, et on peut me contacter par courriel (deborah.rouleau [ at ] gmail [le point] com).

Merci de partager dans vos réseaux!

After many years working for my boss on his projects (Branchez-Vous!, TabTimes, …), the time has come for me to diversify my skills as a web integrator / developer and learn new technologies, see what else I can do and learn. It is time, for me, to see what else is interesting, new, and refreshing, to flourish my web skills to new horizons.

So, I am looking for new work opportunities as a web integrator / developer (front end) in Montreal. You can view my profile here, and people can contact me by email ( deborah.rouleau [ at ] gmail [dot] com).

Thank you for sharing on your network!

Little comment on UI design experience after Google I/O 2013…

Now that Windows/Microsoft and Android/Google have a unified (or almost-unified) UI experience (and a beautiful one at that) in all of their products, Apple is losing the battle and is behind (my opinion).

Will they accept the challenge and raise the bar with a new unified and beautiful design? Let’s see that in the next months/year…

It should get interesting!

Links of the day: Web Development edition

Here’s what I read in the last few days: