My 2017 Online Sources: Web/Tech edition


Last week, I was asked at work to share with the team all my current online sources of news in my work field, and I was thinking “Hey, that’s something I could also share on my blog! I never actually shared my sources, could be useful…”. And thus, this list.

For now, I am sharing only my 2017 Web-related sites and newsletters links, but I will also create another one for all my other interests not tech-related.




IT Infosecurity  and Backend sources:

Frontend sources:

Design sources:

P.S. It WILL be edited throughout the year…


Link of the day: America, America, by Jonathan Kirshner

For a long time, the Decline of the United States of America has been called out by political pundits, historians and politically-leaning-to-the-left people. At first never taken seriously by the public, but…after three decades of gaining more detractors and “proofs” of its failings, we may actually be at the vedge of a collapse from the inside.
The Americans are so polarized between two extremes, it hurts to see all of this through the different lens and visions of the medias (be it traditional or digital medias).
Anyway, starting this Friday, we will see how it goes…

By Jonathan Kirshner


Broken Symphony of Life


Sometimes, I feel like an old broken object, like this piano in the picture.

Broken by empty promises from my past.

Empty because of those other broken people who lied to me.


I will just let my nature surface.

Give me back my verneer, repair my broken pieces.

And in the end, I’ll sing the most beautiful symphony you will ever hear!

Text by me
Picture from Fragments http://bit.ly/2iiabgH


From my feed: The Greatest Books of all time list


So many books to read, so little time! *sobbing loudly*

I stumbled on another good post from Brain Pickings, this time talking about the “Greatest books of all time” (their title, not mine), and while I did read some of them (probably 15-20), I added tons more on my To Read list (fuck, it’s getting HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEEE). I’m sharing the link with you, so I won’t be alone crying about the lack of time to read so. Many. Great. Books!

The Greatest Books of All Time, As Voted by 125 Famous Authors