I’m still there, trying to blog…

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger in the last year or so!

Guess I did felt the need to retreat myself a litle bit from my blog, retake some inspirations for my writings, etc. Also, I had the writer’s block, or in this case the blogger’s block, whereas I didn’t felt like blogging because I didn’t want to share any personal details, or I didn’t felt the need to blog because “OMG too many stuffs I’d like to express myself concerning the world’s events, yaddi-yaddi-yadda! but why add my voice in the already cacophonic Internet?”, you know?

So yeah, I felt I needed to take some time away. Even if I wanted to write so badly sometimes. Needed to question myself on the pertinence of sharing personal elements of my life online. Or my thoughts, opinions, ideas…

And with the recent revelations in the news over the NSA sniffing the Internet users and overlapping their privacy (and many other countries probably doing the same, but haven’t been denounced yet), and all my reflections over my implications in general in the social medias websites/ blogs, emails…(I know, I know, it’s been a looonnggg time coming, this ‘spying-over-our-citizens-on-the-internet-thing’).

I just felt that whatever I did write in the past and will write in the future could be badly interpreted by some idiot behind his computer, and misintepreted, and Ohhh! the thoughts of all of this crazy shit going on in the world, the social/cultural/political/economic movements rising everywhere…


But then, my tiny rebel voice in my head grew louder in the last few weeks: “Fuck them! Fuck all of them! Just be yourself, say whatever you want, write whatever you want! Just stay true to yourself! You’re not someone who have any bad thoughts, you’re not a bad person, you just want a better world, a better environment for you, your kid, your husband, your friends and family…”

And my creative voice is all like: “goddammit! create, stop being afraid of sharing your ideas and stuffs online!”

My professional web dev voice is adding: “SHARE all the stuffs you found online! Start sharing your knowledge online, help others in your fieldwork. You’ve been in your field for a damn while now, share your knowledge and wisdom!”

And lastly, my social attention whore voice is all like “you miss blogging! you miss writing about stuffs, commenting on other peoples’ blogs, meeting new people…”

(Yeah, I gave identities to the different parts of myself in my head, deal with it 😛 )

So, what I guess I am trying to say is…I’ll try to blog more again in the next few days! Let’s see if it works well…again 😛