Bye bye soft drinks! Hello good food habits :D

I managed to survive 8 days without soft drinks. Woot! That was a major victory for me, for I before a year or two, I was capable of drinking around 2L minimum per day of pepsi, and that was for the last 15 years. I’m slowly getting rid of this unhealthy habit, and it shows on my body: 20 pounds less on my body! 😀 Now, we’ll see how long I can tough it up. 2 weeks? I’ll try this, so let’s cross all our fingers.

I’m also slowly integrating more vegetarian meals at home, since Nano doesn’t like meat (not even bacon!). I’m quite satisfied with this type of menu for now, and I think it also helped in those pounds I lost in the last few weeks. I’m quite happy 😀

Now, I’m taking your suggestions for recipes!



  1. You should get the Carnivores Infidèles recipe book. Also, you might want to try kale chips. A bit of olive oil, a bit of sea salt, put it in the oven. It’s crispy healthy snack. A friend of mine can eat a whole bowl in a matter of 15 minutes.

    Kudos on the weight loss. It’s really hard, I understand what it’s like to stop drinking soft drinks or even jsute eating one more vegetable portion in a day.

  2. smittenkitchen.com Le site au complet (c’est pas un site vegetarien, il y a des recettes avec viandes) mais de toutes les recettes que j’ai fait sur ce site, aucune déception à date sauf des muffins que j’ai modifié énormément les ingrédients. C’est une moyenne de genre 14/15 réussites!

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