Sunday night’s musings


It’s sunday night, and I can’t relax easily. I hate sunday nights. They are a prelude to mondays, and mondays means back to a “routine”, a work week…Gosh I’m easily getting bored these days!  If I was a tad sarcastic – and bitchy with myself – I would say that the future arrival of my kid was to fill a certain void in my life these last few months. But that’s my negative voice in my head, so moving along…

It’s finally December, and I’m trying to kick myself into getting in the Holidays’ Spirit or cheerful mood. Yet, it does not seems to be working, for too much Christmas publicity in the last month (jeez, it started November 1st! arghh) combined with partys (where the materialistic and capitalist society will mostly shine in its brightest and most indecent ways) are making me feel nauseous and grumpy. Seriously, I don’t know how I’ll be able to enjoy the holidays later in my life for the kid! :S If only December 26th was tomorrow already…It’s funny, thought, how people are complaining about the holidays, how the “spirit” of family, community, sharing and time well spent has disappear, to make way for buying gifts (and more gifts!), spending a lot on food and presentation, being at your best everywhere, and a lack of simplicity, etc. Yet, people don’t really change theirs habits, and will still be complaining (the same rants) next year. Must also be why I don’t really like the Holiday’s season.

Otherwise, still busy with GeekFestMTL and my social life. I guess I am trying to compensate for next year, where most of my time will probably be taken away by the kid and taking care of it. I must say that I am a tad curious and excited about this new task, even if my personal insecurities are scaring me a bit for this next great big adventure in Life. Oh well, can’t wait to see how it will go!


  1. I came back from my Christmas trip to Québec – my home and where all my family is – on the 26th feeling empty.
    I was tired and sick – i’ve been sick every Christmas for the past five years – but still, some things seemed forced to me. The food that we eat too quickly, the gifts that we unwrap more quickly, not even giving ourselves the time to appreciate, enquire about what the other got… at least, on the 24th and back on the 25th from the grand-parents, we played games. A bit of cheerfulness. Why do it only on Christmas though? that’s always what strikes me the most: why only in that time of year when we have the least time to really see people?
    I should make every trip to Québec an occasion to see family other than just my parents…

    I tried to convince my boyfriend not to give me anything. I didn’t need, and I knew he was a bit stretched on money. No could do. And my sisters asking for lists of gifts ideas. If you don’t know what to give me, don’t give me anything. Just a card will be fine.

    Yeah, I’ve got de Season’s blues :P

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