Still alive! Updates on me

After a much needed hiatus, I’m back on the blog. Yeah yeah, you can slap me for this lack of news, but otherwise, it’s been pretty good for me this summer. Now, Fall is slowly creeping upon us, and I’m as busy as ever!

This semester, I’m taking only one class (actually a class I dropped this summer, but decided to retake because I have more time/concentration): Social deviance. It’s a hard class, as the teacher does seem tough and demanding, but the subject is really interesting. We’ll see how it goes as the weeks pass by…

On the professional/work part, many changes are occurring right now, but I feel like I don’t want to comment about it. Anyway, I have decided to stop talking about work here, just to clearly separate my personal from my professional life. Sorry for those whom wanted some info, but my mouth’s closed on that one. Otherwise, everything is going well on this side, no worries 😉

Still on the GeekFest, as we are now planning the second edition of it! We are actually looking for a place to host us, but I feel confident we will be able to announce the dates and location soon. Cross your fingers for me 😀

And on the personal side…big changes are coming! Still married with my wonderful husband, Darling. Getting quiet on the socialite’s scenes. Yup, I’m growing up. It’s scaring me a bit, but also getting me excited!