Et voilà , c’est le temps de l’année o๠tout le monde se met le masque de la bonté divine dans leur face et quémandent pour les moins nantis qu’eux dans le cadre du Temps des Fêtes. Le principe de donner de l’argent, des biens non-utilisés et de la nourriture aux pauvres me plaà®t beaucoup, mais j’aimerais bien que ce principe s’étende au reste de l’année, et non seulement en décembre…

Est-ce trop demander que de se préoccuper des plus pauvres que soi autrement qu’à  Noà«l, o๠j’ai l’impression que beaucoup deviennent de bons samaritains le temps d’une dinde et d’un rigodon?

Salon du livre de Montréal

Je suis ultra-contente que le monde vont au salon, et lisent, mais… faut-il réellement aller au salon avec sa méga-poussette de la mort qui prend la moitié de l’allée et ses enfants qui courent partout? Ou marcher à un rythme ultra-lent et s’arrêter soudainement en plein milieu de l’allée, sans regarder s’il y avait du monde derrière soi?
Bref, j’ai même pas toffer une heure dans ce méga-bordel hier. Et je n’ai pas pu faire dédicacer mes livres de Jean-Jacques Pelletier, ni voir Isabelle Gaumont ou Marie-Julie Gagnon. J’ai perdu patience et suit partie avant de frapper tout le monde 🙁

Updates on me

Oysters with vodka and tobasco in it, it’s pretty awesome! I had the occasion to test it last night at the ROgers’ event, and it was amazing. And with all the entrées they served us, I was full by the time I had to go eat my supper at home. Oh well, Darling ate all my poutine 😛

Otherwise, I went back to my cegep last Tuesday, and damn I felt old! I’m happy to realize I didn’t missed the place. I have good memories of it, but I’m happy with my life’s situation: studying in challenging intellectual fields at university, working in the same domain I graduated from in cegep, happily married with a wonderful man, and organizing a Geeky event that should make me proud next year. Yup, didn’t missed the cegep at all!

Updates on me

I’m really growing fond of Readernaut. Been a while I haven’t updated my account, and I did it this week, right after buying over 600$ of books! Now that I have a huge “plan to read” list that I need to pass through, you’ll see me critisizing my readings a bit more over there (and I’ll copy-paste it here too).

After a nice relaxing week of vacations, I’m slowly preparing myself to get back to work tomorrow. I don’t know why, but I have the intuition I’ll be needing all the energy I managed to recuperate for the next few weeks before the holidays. Guess it will be pretty busy ;P

Yulblog of November

Forgot to mention that I was at the Yulblog this month, and many came to drink a beer (or2-3) with me for my post-wedding celebration. Thank you all for coming, it was a really nice night talking with all of you!

Sorry for the husband not coming thought: he had an accident last sunday when walking down the metro’s escalators, and he managed to hurt his left foot, unabling him to walk for the next couple of days! So, for my first few days as a married woman, I was more a nurse than a wife to my man 😛

So it is official…

The papers have been signed and dropped at the Palais de Justice of Montréal; the party was a blast, and the ceremony was so nice…

Darling and me are married! For life (we’ll try for that). I’m a hidden romantic at heart, and when I decided to get hitched, it was clear in my head that it was a once-in-a-lifetime-event and worth the effort for the “forever after”. And, even during the ceremony, when came the time of the “Do you..?” question, I did not hesitate. I’m glad I did it. Still have some difficulties saying “husband” instead of “boyfriend” but I’ll get used to it…

Other than that, the pictures for the entire day are on my Facebook account, or my Picasa account. Still missing some pictures from the party on my picasa, but it should be there in the next days.

Now, don’t bother asking about the “next step in a couple’s life”: we don’t want kid! Stop bothering us with it already 😛

EDIT: and no, I won’t stop going out with friends at many social events in the city, or becoming a boring coccooning housewife. Too boring…