Updates on me

These last few days went by so far I practically didn’t see the week-end coming. Back from my vacations last monday, it was an ectic week at work. Also had to work on the GeekFest, contacting all the people interested in giving a hand with the activities, and started looking for the general design of the project (cards, website, publicity, web ads, documents…). Add to that my two courses at uni, and I’m overbooked! But still, I’m enjoying it, even missed the beat.

So yeah, it’s been pretty intense, and the next few weeks aren’t going to be relax neither. Next week-end is my “wedding costume” hunt, where I’m looking for my Halloween costume; there’s also the football game of the Stingers against Sherbrooke University next saturday; have a supper on friday night; my cousin is staying home for the week-end; more planning for the festival; more planning for the wedding… Phewwww, lots of stuffs happening! Can’t wait for wedding to be done and in the past, as I’ll be able to breathe just a bit more before the end of the year.