School news

So I’m in vacation. Finally! After an intense year, and what is promising to be a extremely-busy-as-hell next six months, I needed those two weeks to do absolutely nothing. Or, going back to school for my two courses this semester, enjoying the partys, going out a bit, rising at impossible hours…Yeah, just lazying around for me and Darling! Loving it for now.

I’m actually waiting Lorien for a bike ride this afternoon, since we’ll go piss Laurence at work later on, lazying around on her company’s lawn. Should be epic, sending her tons of sms telling her how much we enjoy the sun, how great it is outside, and how boring it must be inside…Can’t wait for her running after us and trying to slap our hands 😛

Otherwise, went to my first class of fall 2009 last nighté ANTH 202, introduction to Anthropology. The teacher seemed ok, even if sometimes I had some trouble with his accent, but otherwise, it was ok. A pretty large class like I hate it (we were close to a hundred last night), and the timeslot where the course is given doesn’t really appealled me (8:30-10:45 pm). I may be a night owl, but I hate being in class passed 8pm…so I guess I’ll probably switch to the online version of the class. I’ll see today which one I’m keeping.

And for my HIST 369 – GEnder and sexuality in Middle East, I’m quite happy that I started reading a couple of days ago. The syllabus is almost the same as when I took it two years ago (but dropped it), so I already passed through the first 2 weeks of articles and books. Only 2 more articles to read (new ones that weren’t in the first syllabus) and I’ll be good for my first class tomorrow night. Also, I’m happy I’m retaking the class now instead of two years ago: the gradings for assignments and exams are different, and seems to be easier. Just a bit easier (but still hard for an intermediate history class).

And I also met an old classmate from my cegep year at ConU. Noemie started this semester in Human Environment. I don’t know why, but I do see her in that field. Talked for an hour outside of the Library Building getting reacquainted after all these years, taking some news on each other. It’s always fun to see old faces in new places 😀