Back to school fever

I’m happy: my comeback at university has gone pretty well. B and B- for classes which needed a lot of memorization (and my brain seemed to be in vacation when it comes to these courses and types of activities) is pretty goods! Now, for a nice A next semester in one of my two courses, that would be pretty good.

Otherwise, I’ve started studying for next semester. With all the engagements I have for the next six months (the wedding, the GeekFest, work (huge things coming up there!)), it’s never too early to start; it’s good to be ahead in my studies, especially as I am prone to have unforeseen events appear out of nowhere!

Also, going back to the gym (as of tomorrow). Took the summer off, and since I am close to my ‘unhealthy’ weight, I have to get back into shape. Biking wasn’t enough it appears, and I need to found an interesting sport activity, or I know I’ll drop by mid-October. Can’t wait to seen next semester’s activities schedule.