MJ is dead: move on, people!

Crazy how people hanged to their childhood stars and heroes. The new media trend of the hour? Michael Jackson’s ghost haunting Neverland… Humanity is going craaaazyyyyyy for a crack-pot who loved children too much! Anyway, don’t get me started on MJ, the medias went into a frenzy and it just made me more agressive toward the dead celebrity. The guy is dead, like probably another million that day, can we pass to something else already? Fucking hell…just stop polluting our visual media with his shit!

On another note, just managed to answer a puzzling question haunting me for the last few weeks, and now there’s less stress in my life. I can truly enjoy summer a bit more, and with all the fiesta, anniversaries, moving parties, WordPress Camp (next week-end), D&D, etc. 2 courses with a full time job was too much. Something had to be cut…guess which 😛

Anyway, on another note, I had the worse pool party last saturday (remember, people, how freezing it was!). The party itself was cool, but damn, I’m still wondering how the people managed to dip into the pool and not became sick. Then again, I should have gone for a swim, as I was distracted enough to eat my pork quite fresh. And by fresh, I mean pink. Not cooked enough. Took me half of gulping down my brochette to realize I was eating non-cooked pork. <sarcasm>Yeeeeeeeeaaahhhh!</sarcam> But I wasn’t sick, so good for me!