Updates on me

But what a small week it shall be! Off tuesday and Wednesday (tuesday taken for studying for my final exam of American history), only work 3 days this weel, party friday night for the departure of my friend Helenka (it’s official, she won’t come back living in Montréal 🙁 ), another Donjons & Dragons game by DM Babou,  and the rest of my time for school… Yup, I’m still running after my life because I’m so busy.

I took a quick five minutes to rearrange the permalinks of my blog, and finally managed to change the links of my pages. It won’t be a cluster of number IDs but names instead that my URLs will contain. Hope it will be better for the SEO and other Web-reference things. If there is ONE field in the Web where I understand nothing, it’s SEO and referencing.