Star Trek + other news…

I’ll wait till the Star Trek‘s 1st-week-end-in-theater mania is over before going to see this movie. If there’s one “summer movies” I want to see, it’s this one. Plus Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is the best book ever in the serie (can’t wait to see Snape being called a coward 😉 ). But seriously, Zachary Pinto as Spock seems to have a good grasp of the character. I really hope I’ll like it, as I’m a fan of the series and some of the old movies.

To totally continue in this line of geekiness, I’m spending a nice 2 hours planning THE most geekest thing ever: my Dungeons & Dragons game. Been a year, minimum, since I mastered/hosted a game, and my players were kinda…harassing me for the game to continue. So, tonight it starts again, I continue where their story stopped last time (do I still remember it? I seriously doubt it), and a new player enters the game (Babou).

Last week flyed by reaaaalllly fast. Working full-time + back-to-school frenzy + social activities + gym made an hectic week where I was running everywhere in the city during the week. Tomorrow will be my day off of the week, and even then, I’ll have to study. Luckily, it’s only going to be like this till mid-june, as I’m not sure yet if I’ll have a 2nd class in july-august, combining this one with my POLI 391 all-summer online course.