The best WWII explications ever!


You all took World War II’s origins and events were too complicated to understand? Well, no more! It will all be easy to understand if you read this.

This is the kind of thing I want to do with a Ph.D in History. Humor, history and comic strips, what better can I ask for?


  1. That was awesome. Only that America wasn’t THAT strong. It’s only that it came in the last minute when all parties were weakened and it was oven-fresh and ready for a fight.

    They claimed victory for taking down the Berlin wall. That was only because the USSR was completely bankrupt and couldn’t afford to fund the cold war anymore. No glory in there, just opportunism.

  2. Protectionism and opportunism: that pretty much explains the rise of the U.S.A. during the 2nd part of the 20th century (i think).

  3. Excellent! Seulement, en effet, on dirait que c’est un américain qui a dessiné cela. Les gagnants écrivent l’histoire, n’est-ce pas…

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