No university for me next year


Seems like I’m not going back to university next year. Why? Well, none of the courses offered next year are in any of my fields of specialization/interest. I’m kinda disappointed right now…I don’t want to go back and take courses that I’m not even interested in, just for the sake of finishing my degree!

Oh well, guess I’ll continue the self-educating system I’ve managed to create for myself since last year. It works well, and I can learn and improve whatever I’m interested and good in, on my own. I just wished I could finish my damn degree one day, but guess I’ll have to look up for a new field or a new school. Not that I wish to go elsewhere (I really do love ConU), but it seems like I’ll need to if I ever want to finish my history degree. Otherwise, I’ll have to look for something else and just have a minor in history. That could be a good compromise…if only there was something else I wanted to study! Grrrrr…

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