Back in Toronto after sooooooo many adventures…

So, many things happened.

Saturday night, after meeting Helenka’s parents and her brother in downtown Toronto, we went for a Red Lobster meal, since they are non-existent in Quebec. It was pretty good, and I wish we still had them in Montreal. I haven’t found a proper Seafood restaurant that is as good – or way better! – than Red Lobster yet. I’m sure some readers would give me some good pointers and ideas of places to go in Montreal. Otherwise, the rest of the night was spent drinking sangria in Toronto’s port, and also at The Red Room. It is a nice place to hang out in the city, if ever you search for a good place to drink for cheap.

Sunday was a road-trip day. We spent the entire day on the road. Once we past the borders by Niagara Falls (which, by the way, aren’t THAT impressive if you ask me), we drived our way through Buffalo and Cleveland all the way to Sandusky. After a nice 9 hours on the road, the sangria at the mexican restaurant was fucking awesome, and pretty much two bottles of red wine in a pitcher, mixed up with just an once or two of orange juice. I was pretty tipsy by the end of the meal 😛

Monday was actually cool. We ride all the main important – and thrilling! – rides of Cedar Point. The Top Thrill Dragster was the coolest, in my opinion. There was also the Millenium force, the Maverick and the Magnum XL 200. Those rides were just…awesome!!! Serious, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to La Ronde…

Tuesday was..a bad day for me, if we look it that way. Starting the day with a bird shitting on me, I lose my hat on the Magnum ride (had to re-buy another hat for the day or I would have burned), and I was refused access at the swim bar in Soak City, solely on the fact that I did not have a driver’s license and our passport was not recognized in Cedar Point…WTF? What do tourists do anyway when all they have is their passport for valid identification and age id, and what do non-drivers like do? Seriously that was the stupidest law ever we saw in Ohio.

Then, like if it wasn’t enough of bad luck, I had a little…accident in the water park. We four (Helenka, her brother, Darling and me) went on a raft ride that was quite dangerous. The tip of our raft passed over the border of the ride, and as a reflex, I put down my head and tried to get in the center of the embarcation, trying to slow down the raft ride. But, at the same time as putting my head down, Darling had the same reaction and put his head down in the middle of the raft, meeting with mine’s…I can now attest of Darling’s hard head. My right eye is now a nice shade of purple-dark grey, and it hurts like hell when I touch it (even the day after!). Anyway, it was funny trying to explain to the paramedics in the water park that Darling’s head hit me, and that it was an accident, nothing more. I passed the rest of the day holding Helenka’s or Darling’s arms, trying to enjoy the water park with only one eye. Quite funny! And like if the bad luck wasn’t enough, when we went for supper at T.G.I.F.,, the waitress asked for our IDs and refused our passport…then went on on the park’s policies of identification. But luckily for me, I was able to get a drink to forget my day! She was left a nice tip 😛

And today, we came back by Detroit in Michigan, and Windsor. Two bottles at duty free, and we were happy to be on our way to Toronto.

So, that’s it for now. I’m sleepy, and I can’t type right anymore, so I’ll leave you guys on this.


  1. Malaaaades ces manèges! Ouaip, ça a l’air d’en avoir valu la peine. Et après avoir vu les vidéos, celui que j’aurais probablement préféré est aussi le top thrill dragster. C’est quelque chose ce truc.
    Mais c’est quoi ces tunnels bizarres qui empèchent de voir le paysage? hum.

  2. Il était supposé avoir une photo de ton oeil la! pas juste! je veux voir…

    et merde que je te comprends avec les cartes ID et les passeports c’est tellement éVIDENT que le pays au complet ets fait pour conduire un char. Si t’as pas de permis t’es meme pas un etre humain! BAH

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