2008-2009 courses at university

I finally decided to take back some classes next year at ConU. I only took 2 per semester, but it’s enough if you combine it with my full-time job. So here are the temporary chosen classes (temporary because I might decide to not attend):

  • POLI 398D – Politics of the Holocasut (Fall 2008)
  • RELI 340 – Veda and Upanishads (Fall 2008)
  • HIST 253 – History of the United States since 1877 (Winter 2009) -redoing it since I failed the first time
  • MODL 299A – Introduction to Hindi

That’s enough for this year. I wished I could have entered the seminars, but it will all depend on how my fall semester goes by.


  1. Heavy material. Someone likes history and religion. Veda and Upanishads. That will be skimming. No way it can be covered in a single class, it much to long and complex. Have fun.

  2. I probably should have taken the introduction to hinduism class, but it was not offered at night, so I took the Veda & Upanishads one. I know I’ll want to knock my head on a wall by the end of the semester, but I really am interested in understanding India in all its facets.

  3. That’s nice! But uhhhhh….
    I wonder what course will survive this year, Debbie 😉 Hum, like I said, your courses are the characters of a slasher movie. They will fall, one by one 😉
    Who will survive this time?

    I can even say a movie tagline:
    “No one knows what will happen to them…again.”

  4. Pfffffff
    Homme de peu de foi! Tu me sous-estimes, je vais toffer ces cours-là ! (ok, je dis ça à toutes les sessions, mais bon… :S )

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