Spring’s coming. At least in my room!

So I’ve changed my layout – again!- for the xx time this year, and I’m gonna test this one for a while. I think my texts are easier to read. Anyway, we’ll see.

Also finished cleaning up my Trillian contact list, creating new groups and everything, categorizing my contacts. It’s clearer now, and I was able to kick off all unused contacts I had on my list for years (whom I never talked to anyway). That’s another clean-up well done.

Now, since there’s approximately two months left before I move out, I need to start cleaning up my library and my room. First step: putting everything I don’t use anymore in the recycle bin or the garbage. That’s gonna be intense!


  1. nice layout. I like it. I find it less confusing and lighter than the last one.

  2. just saw it, comments are REALLY clean too 🙂 nice spring refresh and some fresh air from those overloaded layouts (see lapin’s site)

    hint: I’m myself a proponent of the “less is more” mantra…

  3. yeah, me too. I was getting bored of my last design, and it wasn’t “professional”, I thought. I wanna give a clean look and I don’t want my readers to be lost in my navigation and sidebars with cute stars and colorful background.
    Anyway, I love this template more and more!

  4. If I may, you might want to do something for the (extremely long) list of blogs you’re linking to. I know it’s good to have a blogroll, but this is a bit insane, don’t you think?

  5. Well, I already did a cleanup in it, but those are all blogs that I like and want to refer here. So non, I don,t thing I’ll make it shorter. For now.

  6. J’aime aussi ce design. Ça fait un peu moins “Lady Oscar” je trouve 😉

  7. @Lorien: LOL Lady Oscar. J’avais pas pensé à l’autre design comme ça, mais maintenant que tu le dis…J’ai des yeux tout grand ouverts et shiny dans ma tête maintenant.
    Merci pour l’image mentale grrrrrrrr

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