Soon I’m moving out…

Only two and a half months before moving out of my ‘wonderful’ *cough cough* Rosemont appartment, and in with Darling into his new appartment in Pointe-Saint-Charles. I’m coming back to my childhood neiborhood ghetto (South-West Montreal) and I’m really excited. I really love the closeness with downtown, the Atwater market and the bike paths. The St. Laurent shore too, I’m missing. Can’t wait to go back and hang out there.

I’m really tired of Rosemont: too many families everywhere, fucking babies crying and screaming at all time of the day (and night!), too many traffic, too little buses, the Orange metro line always full even around midnight…

I seriously can’t take it anymore. I wanna get out of Rosemont!


  1. And someday you’ll want a family of your own, and babies waking you up in the night won’t seem a bad thing anymore 🙂

    If you need anyone for moving your furniture or anything…

  2. Welcome back Welcome back.

    Can’t wait to see you back near my place.

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