2008-2009 school schedule? Definitely part-time…

Next year’s classes schedule for Concordia is now available, and I am definitely going part-time. I have only 3 classes per semester that really interest me, and the rest would only be filling my schedule. Since I will be no more on the loans and bursary system and probably full-time (if I find a job by then), I’ll be able to take a much smaller course load for school. Actually, it will be good for my morale, and it should boost me a little bit more. I’ll be able to gain back my thirst for academia and learning. I hope.

So, here are the choices I have for next year:

Summer 2008

-ITAL 202: continuing my italian language class, but I’m still not sure yet.

-GERM 201: possible, not sure yet. Depends if I work full time or not, and a flexible schedule.

Fall 2008:

-HIST 385: Age of Dictators, 1914-1945

-HIST 387B: Museums, histories, public

-HIST 360: History of genocide, 1920-present

-MARA 205: Modern Arab I

Winter 2009:

-HIST 437N: Nazi Germany. I absolutely want to take this class!!!

-HIST398G: Sexuality and gender in South Asia

-HIST 306: History and the public

-MODL 299A: Modern Hindi I

-MARA 206: Modern Arab II

I have to make a choice for my registration in April, so still have two months to think it over. Also, there was some Middle Eastern history theme classes, but since I don’t like the teacher, I can’t really take them. Buggers!


  1. si tu te retrouves avec Heike Neumann pour GERM 201, vas-y, elle est vraiment vraiment excellente.

    par contre, si tu te retrouve avec Johanna ..Botenqqchose, abandonne ton cours au plus sacrant.

    my 0.02$

  2. aaaah
    les titres de cours….
    ça me redonne le goà»t de l’école, mais je suis cynique: j’ai été tellement désillusionnée par des cours qui “avaient l’air malades”.

    tes choix ont tous l’air excellent, titrement parlant.

  3. two languages at once… tough.. 😛 i did it in college and had to study lots! 😛 ital 202 gets tougher than ital 201 too… i didn’t like it as much…

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