I hate nightmares. For years I’ve been plagued be these nightly hallucinations, and they could be pretty heavy and scary sometimes. They can destabilizes me for a couple of days, and I am always in a bitchy and paranoiac mood after an intense one. I hate it.

At least now, the nightmares are rare, compared to other years. I guess finally living a much quieter life can help, but it still can’t help to stop them. I wish, thought.

They make me doubt everything, and they show me stuffs that I wouldn’t even think of in daily life. But having a past like mine can mix up the brain a little and I have to deal with it each time, convincing myself that it is not real, that it was only dreams, hallucinations of my brains…Sometimes, it makes me being wary of people, even if I know them pretty well. I can’t shake up the feeling that eveybody is capable of a truly dark side, and that kills me.

Oh well, I’ll manage to put it aside again and change my mind, forget about these nightmares. But still, it can shake up even the strongest mind sometimes. I hate it.