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  1. I’m a bath-a-holic! I can’t stop hopping into a hot bubbly bath and spend most of my time there. Actually, it reminds me to hop in it after this post…
  2. I can’t stand having flour, powder, etc…anything powdery on my hands. My brain goes all kabunk! and it’s as if I wanna cut my hands from myself. Kinda weird. My hands have to be always clean, or close to.
  3. I always open my computer before my coffeemaker. even in zombie state, I still manage to type my password in to open my computer before doing anything else. Then, my brain seems to wake up.
  4. If I could, I would have my dreads on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, my boss would have an heart attack!
  5. Sometimes when I walk randomly, I love to follow someone for a while. Then, I usually stop when i see a good store to answer my shopping cravings!
  6. I can’t stop reading damn Stargate fanfictions. Damn you Laurence! 😛

I now tag: Daniel, Laurence, Le Lapin, 0rge, Nitsa, Josh


  1. Tu m’as pas informée en commentaire que j’étais taggué! Tu suis pas les règles!

    Pas question que je le fasse d’ici là ! 🙂

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