Petite fête bien tranquille et romantique avec Darling hier soir, ce fut plaisant. Le souper était excellent (il doute tellement de ses talents culinaires, mais il ne devrait pas!) et j’ai pu coller mon amoureux toute la soirée. Vraiment, comment ne pas être satisfaite?!

Sinon, ce week-end s’annonce pour être ultra-occupé. Petit party chez des nouvelles connaissances dans mon programme d’histoire; samedi, party à l’Appart 327; et le reste de mon temps à étudier, histoire de récupérer ce que je n’ai pas fait durant ma semaine de fête.

Mon mois de Février foisonne de party d’anniversaires de naissance: on dirait que nos parents s’étaient donnés le mot il y a 25 ans pour tous baiser en avril-mai. L’effet printemps indeed! 😛

Conseil du jour

porter des bottes anti-dérapantes ou en caoutchouc!

Parce que je me suis pétée la gueule en voulant attraper mon autobus, faisant en sorte que mon pantalon au complet était mouillé. Tout ça parce que je n,ai pas vu la plaque de glace qui était dans la flaque d’eau.

Tu parles d’une température de M*(&(*! Merveilleux hiver de C*?&(&?!


…et j’ai maintenant 27 ans!

Can you believe that? o.O

*EDIT: ma mère me dirait ‘Nonnnnnn, tu as 27 ans ce soir, à 18h30 seulement, pas avant…’. Mouin, ça compte pas, mom!

Pub night @ McKibbins

Just came back from the pub night @ McKibbins (they should have said Pub SpeakEasy just below…) from the SHAC student association (Student of History At Concordia), and I met pretty nice people there. Jessica, Andrew, hope to see you again next Friday at that party!

And hope they won’t forget to contact me for the SHAC website. It really need to be done, cause it sucks!!! 😛 And I have time to do it…

Workshop on careers in History

I had a workshop this morning called ‘What to do with a B.A. degree in History?’. After the hour talking about different horizons of career possibilities, I am confident I’ll be able to find something to work in. There was so many types of career I could do (NGO, federal and provincial governments, Libraries, Museums, …) that I really don’t worry about the pertinence of my degree. Doing a degree in History is not pointless nor worthless. I feel reassured. I might not work in the academic field later on, but I will use the critical thinking and analytic skills, the writing and speaking skills in a related field. That’s always good to know.


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  1. I’m a bath-a-holic! I can’t stop hopping into a hot bubbly bath and spend most of my time there. Actually, it reminds me to hop in it after this post…
  2. I can’t stand having flour, powder, etc…anything powdery on my hands. My brain goes all kabunk! and it’s as if I wanna cut my hands from myself. Kinda weird. My hands have to be always clean, or close to.
  3. I always open my computer before my coffeemaker. even in zombie state, I still manage to type my password in to open my computer before doing anything else. Then, my brain seems to wake up.
  4. If I could, I would have my dreads on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, my boss would have an heart attack!
  5. Sometimes when I walk randomly, I love to follow someone for a while. Then, I usually stop when i see a good store to answer my shopping cravings!
  6. I can’t stop reading damn Stargate fanfictions. Damn you Laurence! 😛

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