Soirée dans les pubs de Québec

Petite soirée bien amusante hier soir dans deux pubs à Québec: le St. Patrick Irish Pub (o๠des musiciens se sont amusés à chanter des gigues anglo bien amusantes!) et le Pub Saint- Alexandre (fancy en maudit mais le choix de bières est des plus impressionnant!). On a rencontré des amis à Darling (2 en fait) qui étaient vraiment très sympathique. Bref, plaisir et bonne discussion ont été au rendez-vous.

Aujourd’hui est mon retour vers la Grande Ville, alors que m’attend encore 60 pages de lecture sur un sujet hyper passionnant: l’historique, du monde pré-Islam à la période médiévale, du Moyen Orient et de la condition féminine. Ou, comment les femmes ont vu leurs droits régresser et l’attitude des hommes face à elles changer vers le pire alors que la religion musulmane se définissait de plus en plus vers son statut actuel (qui semble être similaire depuis des siècles maintenant, au niveau de la loi coranique on s’entend). Et j’ai aussi quelques résumés de mes dernières semaines de lectures pour le même cours à faire, plus commencer ma recherche pour mon projet final sur le débat Goldhagen dans mon cours d’histoire publique. Et j’alais oublier, mais j’ai aussi des lectures à résumé pour mon test de lecture demain soir.

Bref, pas grand d’heures de dodo en perspective ce soir!

Quelques heures avant la fin de semaine…

Dans quelques heures, je serai en direction de Québec City, o๠mon amie Helenka nous y attends, Darling et moi. J’ai très, très hâte. Quoique n’était pas une ‘ville’ aussi cool que Montréal (je vais me faire lyncher pour avoir dit cela), elle a du charme, et j’ai bien hâte de marcher dans ses rues pour y prendre tout plein de photos (si ma caméra ne meure pas entre temps!).

Mais bon, jusqu’à  lundi, mon blog n’aura pas de messages de ma part. Quoique me connaissant, je risque bien de nepas me contrà´ler et d’écrire de quoi.
Bon week-end!

Québec City ce week-end!

Je cours pour tout terminer mon étude avant ce week-end: je pars ce week-end à Québec City voir une amie avec Darling. Ça devrait être amusant.

Alors, tout(e) lecteur(trice) qui voudrait me rencontrer durant le week-end là -bas n’a qu’à  commenter le message, ou m’envoyer un courriel!

Quand quelqu’un me dit qu’il désire la perfection, je ne peux m’empêcher de rouler des yeux.

La perfection, c’est plate et d’un tel ennui!

High School Reunion

I have fallen on my ‘retrouvailles 2008’ facebook group. My high school reunion is looming ahead – actually, 9 months from now. Wow, time goes by fast!

Anyhow, it was weird seeing all these old faces again. And also knowing what they’ve been up to. 10 years separated us from the last days of high school, and so many have changed since then. In a way, I am curious and excited to see all the gang again, but I also am anxious. Being confronted with your old self and your old dreams and visions of the future will be hard on me. But at least, I can say that now I am where I want to be, and am happy about it!

Why historians fear the Web

A subject that I actually encountered in the last two years at the university. In all my classes, teachers preached about the unreliance of websites and stuffs found on the Web. That they are not that valid, as we do not know the sources of the writings and extracts, etc…They criticized all the time the historical content on the Web, so why don’t they get involve in some web project? Why are they not creating a website, a collective, a webzine, a podcast, whatever…to counter this ‘popular’ and ‘vulgar’ side of History?

I always was fond of the Web, and not only because of my CEGEP years in multimedia. I always thought that the Internet was a democratic way to gain accept to free information on any subject possible, provided that people get engaged in the websites, forum, blogs…The Internet is like a huge communist society, where everybody could actually share their knowledge, ideas, concepts, on historical issues. So, why are people not participating in a worldwide collaboration on History? I’ve been dreaming of developing a huge website where people could gain access to valuable information on any topic of History, without having to digest obscure scholars’ works or intense theory on philosophy of history or whatever. Giving access to good texts, good scholarly discourses and debates on historical issues, all on the Web for free. Why should we pay for knowledge?

Well, at least, this semester, I have two teachers which give promising classes. At first, I was a bit hesitant taking their classes. It was not particularly history classes, more like theorethical approachs to History in the Public sphere and the visual media, but still, it is damn more interesting that all those classes I took before. Both teachers are tech-savvy, even if they are not webmasters, but they do give me hopes in using the Web and my multimedia skills in this domain. I feel now that I have a purpose in History, like promoting the Internet as a valid usage in the historiography and academic works.  And it is also fun to create websites for historical projects, too!  It’s a good start.

But still, I still don’t understand why people are so hesitant to use and promote the Web. It’s like if they are still seeing the Internet as a huge social networking technology, only good to send email and chat messages, vampire-bits on Facebook and spam email of powerpoints stuffs we don’t really care about. I feel that I stillhave a lot of work to do to change the mentality concerning Web and History…


Tonight’s class

I’ve been mentally challenged by the last class of the day, history through visual media. Listening to other peoples talking during the class made me realize how much difficulty I have communicating my ideas in class, and how slow I am in formulating my thoughts. It was fascinating to hear the people say all these evident ideas and concepts about all the videos we saw in class (all concerning the events of 9/11), and at a rapidity I thought not possible…Guess I will need to work more on this class, but I don’t mind: I learn a damn lot!

Also, maybe it is also because I am not as advanced in my academic curriculum as all the others are, not having done actually philosophy of history, or any classes like that. I mostly did typical classes like everybody know, being showing up in class, hearing the teacher lectures on the topic of the readings, asking a couple of questions to the students and finally wrapping it up in a big sentence. Anyway, I’ll have to look it up.
Other than that, yeah, we talked about 9/11, how it was perceived in documentaries (Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, and a short film from Burkina Faso), popular movie culture (Team America: World Police, Love Actually), and poetry. Normally, I hate poetry, but I think I am starting to like political poetry, that kind of text where a strong political and cultural message is sent to the public.  So yeah, tonight was a challenging night for me, but I really really liked it. I just need to develop a little bit more about my thoughts. Maybe the teacher could help me with that…hummm, I’ll have to meet her.

Digital History

Ahhhh, finally something on the web that will help me a bit in my quest for digitalizing history on my blog: Digital History. It talks about how to present historical subjects on the World Wide Web, the historian’s perspective concerning the embrace of tehcnology and computer skills for our historian approach, etc. I’m not learning a lot concerning the web practices and techniques, but I am looking at the theoretical approach of History on the web. Really fun! Seriously, I am thinking of doing more web presentations and websites, as I would like, in a nearby future, that people find good valuable subjects and ideas on historical matters. I feel that more debates, more concepts and ideas could be presented to the general public and that they could participate more in the field of History.

I looked at the website for the class HIST 387: Digital History and I am happyto see that I have not taken that class. I would have missed most of the workshops, as they are mostly introductory tutorials on web design, photoshop, dreamweaver, video editing…Damn, i shoud have taken that class, just for gaining more free time! And it would have been damn easy…Oh well, I’ll learn more in my HIST 306: History and the Public.

Going to my egyptology class when the teacher makes major errors in his powerpoint and class presentation is really not a good motivational point for me. It will be hard to move my body to go to that class when I could be doing something else…

The colonial discourse

This is a subject that every class in my history department seem to talk about. It starts passionate debates in my classes, and everybody defines the history in this concept. How the colonies were defined by the colonial states, the big empires that expanded through time over other continents, bringing with them their morallity, culture, knowledge, and conception of life. It influenced these colonized states, bringing a conflict of society where the colonials went. It is really interesting to see this repeat itself throughout History.

As I reread my lectures for this week classes, I just thought that it is now funny to see how these colonized states (like in the Middle East and Asia), now newly-constructed states (in term of decennies), are trying to shape their cultural and social identities by what the Western civilization had come to identify these states with, throughout the centuries. A confirmation of their identity by what we Westerners had given them as characteristics of their cultural identity.

Seriously, I need to expand my thoughts on this subject, but this could become a good research paper. Or even subject for a huge research.