What is a bed???

I’m looking at my bed, taking a sip of tea before going back to work on my computer. Yes, folks, it’s 3am in the morning; I meet a client in 6h, and have a class in 8h! Gosh, do I love my life 😛

Back to my bed…well, it is becoming a strange device in my bedroom, as I slept less and less in it, and more at my boyfriend’s house or on my sofa in my office. The bed is becoming a strange concept to me, and when people talks to me about it, I feel lost for a couple of seconds: what are they talking of? oh yes, the bed, that thing I’m using less and less in my room…Yeah, I feel that separated with my bedroom now. As I spend more time elsewhere, and less at my place, it just is normal that I don’t use it and feel a bit…homesick. Yeah, guess that’s the word. Homesick. Staying more than a day in my stuffs, and relaxing in it, not working.

My huge bedroom/office is becoming my working place, so, then, maybe I should just start working less and relaxing more.

*Snort* Yeah, right, like if I have some time for that!

I realize that it has been 4 years that I am blogging on the web, discussing all the aspects of my life at every possible angle. 4 years. Wow, been long. Well, before this blog on my personal server, I had another one on LiveJournal. It is still active as I kept all my friends on it there. But I haven’t posted for ages there. Should I post back, and copy all my posts from here? It’s more work to do in my already tight schedule… but could be fun for all those friends of mine who didn’t read my blog here…I’ll have to think about it.

Also, I have to upload some pics I took theses last few months on my deviantart account. Been a while I haven’t uploaded something there, too. Just realized that my online presence has diminished there last months, as I became more busy in the real world. I should be happy about it, but I don,t know, I feel…sad? unsatisfied? I used to spend a lot of time on the Web, and I really loved it. It made me take contact with a lot of interesting people, exchanging infos, bits of stuffs and chatting. But right now, I only do my stuff in the real life, not really taking back to these people, taking no news from them. Maybe I should, just a bit.

Anyway, it’s pretty much easygoing these last fews days. That change of class did a lot of good: I have more free time to do some work and spend some time with my friends and boyfriend, which is a good thing, mind you. It was a good idea to switch classes, now I can concentrate more on some books I have to finish reading for my job. Yeahhhh, more work! *Sarcasm*

Last night was Lorien’s birthday party. A bit late, I know, but still, it was fun. Took a lot of pictures, and I have it ->here< – to download, for those of you who were present.

In two weeks, it will be my big birthday party. It should be fun, but I feel that it will be a bit ugly. Probably most of the people I know should be there; some members of my family told me they’ll be present. The only thing that worries me: my ex and my boyfriend in the same place. I must say I’m a bit nervous about that one. Quite a lot nervous. Both of them will be surrounded with their respective gangs of friends, but I’m still scared. I just hope it won’t turn ugly. And why I have invited my ex if my new boyfriend will be there? Well, I’m still friend with my ex, and I couldn’t invite all of our mutual friends and not invite him…but maybe I could look up for an alternate party night with them. I’ll have to see.

Anyway, must go back to work, need to finish a contract. Later dudes!

The weirdest thing I have seen today on the internet…

Bible in Lego!

Some people have too much free time on their hands. Well, ok, I’ll admit, I like the pictures of it. I’ll never see the Bible again in the same way.

Switch of classes

I have made a swith in my classes today. I switched HIST 398R: empire, gender and sexuality, the views from the Middle East for HIST 341: Britain since 1689.

I switched because the first one, HIST 398R, was too much works and hard readings actually. It’s not that the content didn’t interest me, it’s more in the line that of the teacher: I just understand nothing he said in the class. It was vague, a lot of babbling and actually, not in context with the historical views, but more just classes talking about how we define gender and sexuality in the historical context…It is necessary, I know, but when the teacher makes you read articles about a book you’re not require to read, but all the articles are related to this said book, it’s becoming hard to follow in class, and you can’t really discuss it with your fellow classmates when you just understood nothing!

So, yeah, I dropped the class. And I went to the other one this morning. Much better, way more in my league and what I am capable of taking as a class right now: lectures, discussions about you read, not what you didn’t need to read but actually should have, and notes. Even if I have a lot of readings to do to catch up with the rest of the class, it is a class which I already have some basis in it, so I will be ok.

Anyhow, that’s it for today, i need to do some studying before going to the office tonight. Later dudes!

One of my class is hell…the teacher made us read some articles talking about a book we were told to read only as an optional book, a complementary book. But if I want to understand the articles, maybe I should read the book??? Dumb teacher…

Now, I understand nothing of the articles, and I have no clues what Foucault’s history of Sexuality is talking about. Hope BookRags.com study pack can help me!!!

Anyway, here is the link: BookRags: The History of Sexuality Summary

Studying, studying, and studying

After going to bed at 4 am and rising at 11 am, I went back in front of my computer to work a bit and study. I just can’t believe all the workload I have for this semester. I knew that studying in History was really a challenge on the reading and studying…but that much??? It’s almost as if I had taken the 4 worse history classes for the workload and readings amount…And I can’t change anyway, as I bought most of the books necessary for my classes. Grrrrrr.

On another note, well, I am really busy with the company. Contracts are starting to enter, interesting ones at that, and I do enjoy it, even if it takes a lot of my time. I always like to challenge my brain with some hard intellectual problems, or putting me in contact with life-challenging situations. This business thing is finally challenging something in me, something that motivates me to continue, to perform, to think on many issues and tasks I have come in contact with. It’s really pleasant, even if I recognized that it is not for everybody who can support this much pressure or stress. And even if something, I think I am not up to the challenge. I know I am, I just need to better organize myself and find some motivation when procrastination is taking me by surprise.

So, that’s pretty much it. I’ll go back to my books right now.

Procrastination 101

Soooo….sorry for no updates for a while, I didn’t felt like writing something down these last few days. I just did nothing.

I didn’t have the motivation to study, as I just find the reading load too much and too intense for only 4 classes. I hate that, I need to read the equivalent of a 500-pages book per week. The last time I was able to read that fast and enjoyed it was during my high school years. Yiiishhh, I feel down a bit just knowing that tons of reading is awaiting me.

On the business side, it’s still going well. Now, I have to look up for some web programmer, thought. We almost have everything settled in and we can do almost everything on the web stuff.

I sooooo need to find my motivation right now… procrastination indeed!

First days of school – recap

So,after the last two days of school, I’m already loaded with readings and stuffs to do for school. But! My classes really seems interesting this semester. I’m happy.

My first class of the week, HIST 398R/ Empire, gender and sexuality in the Middle East, really seems nice. Tough, because of all the readings required for the course (4 required books, 3 optional and 1 coursepack!), but really interesting, because the teacher seems to like the Egyptian history too. Meaning, lots of our texts we have to read are about Egypt, or egyptian history, or from egyptian influences. The teacher lived there for a while, and also in other places in the Middle East, so it is interesting to know that he does have a view from there. I really need to work hard for that class, as I want to specialize in Middle Eastern history and culture.

My next day of class was pretty full. 3 Classes. The first one, HIST 352/ History of Germany in the 20th century, also seems quite fantastic. The teacher seems a bit hard and demanding, but nothing I can’t deal with. I can’t wait to start reading ands studying World War II and the nazi regime.

Next, HIST 338 / Later Middle Ages. Damn do the books costs a lot! I hate paying for a book that I won’t keep at the end of the semester, and that I will only read half of it. This semester will cost me a lot in books and coursepack (close to 400$). That’s the only thing I hate about university.

Then, the last class of the day, HIST 398G/ Gender and Sexuality in South Asia (read India!). Another class with a lot of reading, but the teacher seems cool. She’s young too, and I think she just finished her PhD. Anyway, another promising course!

So, can’t wait to next Monday, even if I do have more than 200 pages to read by then. Guess I’ll have to cut a lot in my social life time. Oh well, at least my classes are reallllllllly interesting.

After looking at this page’s layout

and playing with the browser’s size for a while, I just realized one thing: the wildest, fluid, scalable layout for my content on a website is now under my reach! I need to test it, but the things I could design and do with a scalable, easy to use layout…

i’m drooling… it’s my geeky attitude going out.

2007 already here…aie!

Sooo…the new year is finally here, and I already feel like it will be a heavy scheduled one. I am doing some cleaning in my room today, taking some time to clean up my desk and computer for school and work.

I can’t put it in my head: it starts tomorrow! :S

I just don’t want to finish my vacations now. It was so good, being with my love one and my friends. The time passed too fast, I didn’t passed as much time as I intended to spend with my friends, and I didn’t do the things I set myself to do during the vacations. I just did nothing. A total void of work and studying. Just relaxing, and spending some time around my boyfriend.

School is starting tomorrow, and I am already thinking that maybe I should just cancel a class right now. For now, I will go to all my classes, and I’ll be able to see which class I will drop this semester. I don’t want to get unmotivated again around the mid-term just because I am too busy in my schedule with work, school, and my social life. I also want to keep some free time for myself. You know, to just relax and do some stuffs, like reading, drawing, painting, walking outside, etc…all the stuffs I used to do during my CEGEP years and that I don’t do anymore. I have to stick to a nice schedule, not so busy, and plan everything out, or I will not survive this semester.

On the business news, it’s going really well. We have a lot of interesting contracts, and I think that by the time I will be finished with university, this business will be up and running all by itself…almost. Still, it is really fun and motivating to work in such an interesting place. I hope that this year will also be a good one, just like the end of last year.

Now, I’ll have to go back to room, need to clean up a bit…