I have – yet again! – changed my skin of my blog. I was getting bored of the pictures I had, and until I have new pictures and photos to put there, I will put up some random skins, depending on my mood of the moment. For now, this one will do.

Anyway, up to the news with me. I have met my boyfriend’s family last night, and frankly, it was cool. They really are a bunch of nice people. I was stressing for nothing, and I hope I’ll manage to fit in right. We had a lot of fun, and people in his family could finally put a face on the new girl. It was funny.

I can’t wait for Wednesday, at noon: I’ll have finished my fall semester. Finally. It was a huge failure, this semester, as I realized I didn’t want to do urban studies at university. The classes were boring, and the people…gosh, just dumb or what! o.O. It was painful. I can’t wait to fo back to history classes. It’s more of a challenge for me.

As for work, well, it,s still going well. We have a lot to do during the vacations, and we hope we will manage to finish all of it. *crosses her fingers*

Weeee for easy reading

I have a boring book to read for my modern american history, The Grapes of Wrath, and I don’t want to lose my time reading it. It is soooo boring, and I have a huge list of books to read for the next semester, and for the job too. So why lose my time reading this book?
Of course, I have just discovered something wonderful on the interweb: BookRags: The Grapes of Wrath Summary!

Even better, if I put this link to their site on my site, they won’t charge me for accessing the study guide, w00t!

So, a little promotion for them, a little passing my next class for me… I think it’s a fair trade.

God bless you, BookRags.

Finally…the end of the semester!

I am so busy until…I can’t seem to see the end in my agenda, actually. Party for christmas, party in the family, meeting my new boyfriend’s family this week-end, my boyfriend meeting my mother this week…seeing tons of my friends! Yeah, on the social part, I’m quite busy. It should compensate for the next semester where it will be HELL! to find some moment for me and my friends, as I’ll be busy with classes, homeworks, readings and work.

Right now, for school, I only have two exam left to study. I have already borrowed at the library some of the books for the next semester and start reading it. Yeah, you can say it: I’m crazy! 😛 But I still can’t wait for the next semester to start. And with the thought that I just have a year and a half left before I finish, I am happy.

For work, it’s slowly relaxing a bit because it’s Christmas and everything, but I’ll have to take some advances during Christmas vacations if we want to survive the next year. We are now planning to develop the company larger and we have to finish our website by the time we come back. So much contracts, I’m really happy. I’ll finish school and it might be strong and big enough to live comfortably with the business. Yeahhhhhh!

Well, for now, I’ll go back to my contracts. One is due today, but I just have to change some design and animation stuffs in it. Yeahhhh, easy things to do!

Yeahhhhhhhh!!! sekhmetdesign.net has successfully redirect to sekhmetdesign.thegeekcartel.com

Other than that, there is not a lot of new news. It’s the end of the semester; I just saw that I will have around 11 books to buy for my next semester, and 7 are for the same class; I will have 5 classes next semester and will have to combine that with my business…

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder how I’ll do it! o.O I’m getting scared.

Vacations, where are you???

I am sooooooooo not motivated. I want my vacations. Right now.

*Sigh* I keep looking at my schedule for my next semester, and I am just so excited for all those new classes I will have. The 2 I have left this semester aren’t just motivating to finish my semester right. now. *Re-Sigh* It’s really hard concentrating for the approaching finals.

On the job side, I am loaded. Really loaded, but really fun. Photo shooting for a project; flash and photoshop montage for another one; coding in php for another one…It’s really getting well, and it’s finally setting down in the business. I am still learning about my partners, how they work, how they interact in a daily basis, etc, but all the problems we had a couple of weeks before has settled down, too. It’s finally going well on that side.

I’m starting to have some free time to myself now. i can manage some time to see my friends. Nope, my life right now is really going well. Nothing bad to report. Yet. But I’ll enjoy the time for now.