December is coming soon…

Finally, the end of november is slowly coming, and december is pointing its nose ahead.


It’s been a long, dark and depressing month. Everybody was tired, depressed, unmotivated… It’s the end of a semester for some of us, the end of the year for others. It’s a hard time where the sun is less apparent in the sky (did we have a nice blue sky day this month??? I just can’t remember…), it’s always cold or rainy. Of course, december is no better, but the proximity of Christmas vacations and festivities just make it more tolerable. Even if I hate Christmas.

Yeah, I really do hate Christmas. It’s just not the same as when I was a kid. The commercials, the money-spending folie for the holidays and the party, Santas (I hate Santas! I just want to punch them), those damn little fruit cakes that taste like shit…The only thing that makes it less unbearable is the Christmas decorations in the streets and commerces of Montreal. Yeah, those. All the bright lights, the animation, the decorations surrounding a building or a house. I feel like a child again. It’s the only thing that makes Christmas ok for me. I hope there will be some snowfall before Christmas, because I want to take a night off and just go walk in the streets of Montreal and look around, take some pictures.

Yeah, Christmas is coming. This also means party, and family reunions. It will be my first family reunion in 5 years. Will I survive? I hope so. But I’m happy, I never thought that it would be again possible for me, after all these years away from my family and enraged against them, that I would be so happy to go back and just be there. With them. Even after all the shit I lived and endured. Another sign that I am growing older and wiser. And my family too. I finally was able to just pass over all my traumas as a child, and all my shits with my mother, to just restart anew with her and move on. I’m quite happy about that fact. Of course, I will never forget the times where she wasn’t there for me, never was there to raise me as a kid, her kid, but she really had matured into adulthood (finally!) and she is now a responsible adult that I can turn to and talk to when I need it. I’m happy to have my mother back. I can finally stop being the adult between us two and be the kid.

Ahhh, I should be working right now…can’t wait for the vacations.

Stabilization in my life

I am healing myself, slowly, a day at a time. I can’t wait for this semester to end, and to just be in vacations. I want to sleep, I want to relax, I want to spend some time with my friends and my new man. Yes, a new love is slowly taking his place in my life, as he was always there when I had a hard time this fall. Some of you know him already, but you will all slowly learn about him in due time. Anyway, we started to be interested in each other this fall, as we each had our own issues in our respective live and couple. We helped each other with moral support, valuable tips and councils, and sharing our time together. We are taking it really slow right now, as we have both been deeply hurted in our last relationship (especially him!), and we both need some time to learn about each other. Anyway, on that side, it’s going good.

With my ex, it also seems to be ok. We talked sometimes by the phone, taking some news from each other, joking around, and just talked. It’s been a while we haven’t talked like that, and it was great. We just agreed that we weren’t made to be together as a couple, and maybe being good friends would really work out better. Only time will tell, I know, but still, that too ease my heart. I really do appreciate him – still, even after all the shit he made me live in my life! – but he is a valuable friend and a ‘young brother’, in a way.

On the school part, I really can’t wait for the next semester. I’ll be back in history, and only that. Urban studies classes were really boring, and I didn’t see myself in that field of work later on in my life. Right now, I’ll concentrate on history, as I really do wanna try to be in that domain, and my company in multimedia/communication, which is going rather well.

Fuzion 4, well, it’s really going well! Interesting contracts, nice people to work with, a new associate (my good friend Laurence has join us!!! 😀 )…Nope, life is really going well right now.

I couldn’t ask for more. And I will work so that it stays like that!

Mid-November, and I’m still alive…

Even after all the shits of the last few weeks, I’m still up and running around, feeling well and happy. Yes, happy.

Anyway, on the news from me, I am moving this website to a new server by the end of the month. It will have a new address for the blog:

Yes, a new link for my website. will go in a stasis for a moment, until the time I can do my portfolio and my personal projects in drawings and comic books. Until now, please change all your weblinks to my blog. Also, Daniel will also be at this new server, under the link

Now, I’m off to do some webdesign and multimedia stuffs. I’ll blog later on…

About my readings for school…

I am happy with myself. Yesterday, I managed to read all my selected texts for my two remaining classes…for the rest of my semester! Yes, ALL of my semester! I did a major ass-kicking to my homeworks. I was happy last night, just because of this small little fact. Now, I can truly concentrate on my final paper for GEOZ 220 on the impact of immigration in England, and on my final exams (2 big). Oh, and on the contracts for my company. Yeahhhhh me.

Abandoning some classes – again!

Yeah, I dropped two classes today. I am just so busy, and I have no time to do the homeworks. I have done a bad management of my time this semester concerning school, but with all the things that have happened in my life during the last two months, it did take a toll on me. I’m dead tired. And I need to take some time off for me.

Making this decision wasn’t easy, you see. I am on the loans and bursaries, and it will cut me some money for my next month. Which is Christmas month. *Sarcasm on*Yeahhhhhh!*Sarcasm off* I was already tight on my money, I didn’t need that. Oh well, I’ll cope until january.