Tell me about myself

Things that I have learn today about myself:

– I was a talk on Skrud‘s forum back then (was it 2005?). A girl reading Skrud’s blog…what do you know? I like geeks! 😛

Yeah, that’s pretty much it for now as for the stuffs I learn about myself.

What can you tell me about myself, people???

Rainy day musings

After a few hectic days, I took some time to reflect on my life these days. Oh, the temperature was perfect for a reflexion time. A grey sky, a bit of rain…

These last days were intense in emotions and my feelings did take a ride on a roller coaster. I mean, with the company starting to take a lot of my time, especially in meetings with clients, and with the contracts that we all have to complete, it forces me to manage my time more reasonably. I never liked to have my time organized quite so tightly, and I always enjoyed a bit of freedom and randomness in my schedule – it would help me not go crazy during the hard times. Now, I don’t really have a lot of time for myself, and I need to pace down my schedule. I’m feeling a bit choked – but maybe it is the stress of having to deal with new stuffs at the same time: new program at school and a new company…Maybe my associates will read this: for this, relax, I won’t back out. 😛 I really do love the challenges it bring me, and I also know that it takes a lot of our times, all of us.

The next week should be pretty busy with the company: lots, and I mean a lot!, of meetings with clients, lot of work to do (but really cool!), and the moving out in our new place downtown. I can’t wait. It will be close to Concordia, and it will be closer for me when I have to work or meet new clients.

For school, I don’t really have some complicated stuffs to do, thank you very much! I just need to keep up with my readings, and start my team project on Syria’s nationalism movement. I really hope it will go well this semester and that I will gain higher grades than last year.

On the social life, I am losing touch with some of my friends. We are all busy, I admit it, and some of my friends are starting to call me Miss Busy (Daniel!). I really miss my friends. I hate the fact that we tend to separate ourselves with time, so busy on each side…Oh well, guess I will have to reinstate myself as Miss Party and organize maybe activities, to keep in touch with everyone!

Ok People!

We can now relax.

Everything is fine.

I talked with my friend’s girlfriend today. I think it was more of a misunderstanding than anything else. It was ok, and she’s pretty ok to talk to. I think I can be a tough person to approach and talk to, I do present a strong persona and I can look pretty scary sometimes…I think that is pretty much what happened. Anyway, rejoice, people, it went very well.

And I really think she won’t be scared of me anymore in the future 😛 Or at least, to tell me when she has something to say to me in my face.

One affaire solved. I feel really better now.

…and I feel my blog have been a whining place for the last few weeks. I just ran across some of my older posts…Man, always bitching.

I need to restructure myself and my blog’s objectives.


I love the fall season. The colour of the trees; the rush to get home at night, under a nice comfy blanket to keep us hot; making again some soup just before the dinner, so the heat can comfort us; prepare for Halloween and all the “trick or treat” feast we shall induce ourselves into; the night getting darker sooner and sooner; roll a scarf around our neck on windy days…

I really do love fall. It’s my favourite season of the year. Not too cold, but not too hot. The routine of Life trying to install itself in our lives.

As I’m slowly sipping my coffee, I look by my window, and sees the tree in front of my house starting to lose its leaves. It’s really pretty, all the patterns that the falling leaves have on the ground, the wind catching some in its grasp and making them fly away. During the fall season, I think it’s one of the time of the year where I am the most reflective and calm. It is also the season where I reflect upon my life, my choices, the last year, the recents events in my life…

I need a bit of space and time alone, I guess. Just having nothing planned for this next week-end makes me happy. I’ll pass all my days online, chatting with my friends, surfing the web, and doing some stuffs for the company, as we have a couple of contracts to finish up. Yup, a nice and quiet week-end in perspective.

Think I’ll listen to Jeremy’s idea and just relax a bit…I’m wayyyyyyyy too busy, and I’m already tired. After a mere 3 weeks in the new semester.


Quite busy, Oh my! (Part 2)

So, yesterday I was soooo sick. I guess I can’t really drink anymore, it makes me sick as hell. Oh well, behind are my happy days as an extreme party-girl. I’ll live as an old lady who have to drink reasonably from now on.

Soooooo, the news of my life, as I haev extremely busy these past days:

– School: is wonderful! Nice classes, interesting subjects, it shall be a promising semester. I will say this until the mid-terms arrive, and then I’ll start crying and paniching and raging against time and hard exams to study…go figure.

– Business: is also doing wonderfully! We are full of contracts, quite busy collecting many more (I hope I don’t die of exhaustion before Christmas!) and having some fun designing and coding websites. I really do like this. We have some interesting projects ahead, and if everything goes well, I might have a nice running company with employees under my direction in 3 years! Yes, that early. I’m surprised myself.

– Social: sooooooo busy I was almost getting an exhaustion yesterday! Friends leaving for France (which I miss his depart :'( ), friends just doing some night out, a friend’s b-day party, etc…I will enjoy a relax week these next days.

– The ‘nutcase girl’ problem: ahhhh, the nice problem one of my friend’s girlfriend has with me. She is simply jealous of me. Of course, meaning that his boyfriend is mostly always with me, hanging out or just working for the company doesn’t seems to please her. I mean, I even ask her to ask me all the questions and doubts that she might have against me, and she just doesn’t speak to me. Last saturday night, I went for a supper and movie (The Illusionist, which is great by the way!) and she just ignored me all the time! I was trying to not be a bitch here, and just be sympathetic and agreeable…but she was a total bitch. Arghhh, I hate jealousy. It causes so many problems for nothing. I’m really starting to hate this situation. Anyway, it’s her problem now, I tried to talk to her and reassure her about my no-interest in her boyfriend. I f she just decides that I am the ‘bad girl’, so be it. I shall piss her a lot more!

– Nothing else? humm….nope, not for the moment.

I’ll log more this week.

Quite busy, Oh my!

Sorry for the long delay. I was kinda busy these last days. A lot. School, business, social life, etc…

Anyway, last night was Babou’s birthday party. It was cool, and I arrived home too drunk for my stomach to keep its content. I was so sick today, it was awful. And the pics we took were great! Here’s the link for the pics: Babou’s B-day pics

Also, I won’t comment on the events of Dawson College that happened this week in Montréal. Only that it was awful. Poor kids, they now have to go back to school tomorrow. How will they manage this…

Anyway, I’m dead tired, i’m off to bed (still sick) and I’ll post tomorrow the rest of everything I have to say…

News, News, News…again!

So, school has started up, and some stuffs needed to be said about my classes:

– PHYZ 298A: is so cool! Ok, the teacher is an old man who seems to be lost something in his head, but he managed to create a stimulating environment for the lectures. That’s cool. Now, I have like a 100 pages to read for next tuesday!

– POLI 352: I can’t really said how it is, because I just sleeped in! I must have been pretty tired, to miss my first class. I have no clue if I had some readings to do for the next class or not.

– GEOZ 220: Another class that sounds promising. The teacher is really cool. Pretty much it.

– POLI 398P: I changed my FFAR 398B for this class. Islam and nationalism. It seems promising, too.

– URBS 230: That one should be a challenge to my nerves. The teacher is really, really strict on punctuality, absences, and cellular! If you are caught your cellphone ringing or vibrating, you’ll have to buy donuts for everyone at the next classe. And we are around a 100! That’s a lot of donut. But even if he is strict, he knows what he’s talking about and it’s really interesting.

Anyway, I’ll be pretty busy this semester: school, lots of readings and homeworks, lots of work for the company, lots of friends and party…but it will be fun.

My last day as a free woman

yes, it is the last day of vacation, the last day of freedom before all the mumbo jumbo of the fall semester. School, studies, work, friends, boyfriend: can I still manage it all without cracking ? I’ll see with the next weeks…

Last week-end was pretty ectic. Friday night, I went to La Ronde with my friend Laurence and my associates from my company. It would have been cool, if it wasn’t from the cold (we forgot it was damn cold on Ile-Ste-Helene!) and the long line up (3 hours for the Goliath!). It was 40$ for nothing. But at least the show was ok and it kinda made my ticket worth it.

Saturday night was my boyfriend’s party at his house. Many people, many drunk ones, many cool dudes there. Unfortunately, my friends (except 2!) have all passed it and didn’t come. I know people can be tired or sick, but when it’s someone’s birthday party, you could make some efforts to just come for half an hour, no??? Anyway, it was still cool. The neighbours downstairs have invited some of us to come and chill down with them during the night, and they are pretty cool. We talked, chatted, learned to know each others well. The girl living there was really nice. She’s searching for a serious roommate, email me if you are interested.

Last night, I started what should be a long year of sunday night DVD marathon: Stargate! My associate Alex has all the seasons, and since we are hardcore fans, we’ll watch all the seasons, one by one, up until the last Stargate Atlantis. We started with the movie, and the first 11 episodes of season 1. Many nights without sleeping ahead of us! Weeeeeeeeee…

Now, I need to clean up a bit my room. It’s been a pig room since my return of vacations early august…yuck!