I want a laptop

…and I want it now!

I’m in a restaurant across the Hall building of ConU and man! do I love my mother-in-law’s portable. It’s so practical, I can do my work for the company and chat with my friends who are suck lazy asses hat they can’t call me on my cell! lol, kinding, but that is another point I feel like ranting this week. I have a cellphone, people, why are you yelling or complaining at me that I am unreachable??? Dumbasses…

Anyway, I should finish my croissant and coffee, so I could join Jeremy at JavaU. Really can’t wait to start school again. My book of GEOG 220 – Human geography really motivates me. It seems pretty cool!

News, News, News…

I never expected that running a business could be that demanding! Papers to do, meetings between partners or with some future clients, meeting actual clients, prepapring some design to present to them, code some websites, etc…It is very demanding. Luckily this week, I’m free, so not a lot busy, but next week is back-to-school, and then I’ll have classes, readings, homeworks, meeting friends and a social life to add to my already tight schedule…joy! I think I’ll go nuts really soon! Anyway, I’m complaining about lack of time, but I really do enjoy it right now. Hope it goes well like it is doing right now.

On another note, I can’t wait to start school. I am really interested in my new classes in urban studies, and I realized I’ll be able to have some help from an architect for some types of homeworks later on. One of my associates is a student in architecture, and she told me she would help me concerning everything related to architecture, urbanism and interior design. Really nice.

I’ll have a nice schedule next fall. Here it is:

Monday 10:15-11:30 POLI 352 / 2 H -407
Monday 13:15-14:30 GEOZ 220 / 2 GN-M100
Monday 16:15-17:30 URBS 230 / 2 H -620
Tuesday 14:45-17:30 PHYZ 298A / 2 CC-116
Tuesday 18:00-20:15 FFAR 398B / 2 EV-1.605
Wednesday 10:15-11:30 POLI 352 / 2 H -407
Wednesday 13:15-14:30 GEOZ 220 / 2 GN-M100
Wednesday 16:15-17:30 URBS 230 / 2 H -620

I’m really excited.

Tomorrow, I’ll meet Jeremy for the first time. Hope I’ll recognize him.

And maybe I should stop being a lazy ass and put the pictures of my vacations in Lac-St-Jean/Saguenay at the start of august. Here it is: PICTURE!

What else…I need some vacations.I’m going with my boyfriend and his father at Old Orchard in two week-ends, so I’ll miss all the back-to-school parties. Damn! And I’ll be going back in the Saguenay region this October, going to Chicoutimi/Jonquière/LaBaie with my friend Daniel and whoever is interest in joining us.

Scratch a cat…

Ahhhh, the joy of scratching a cat. It is so relaxing, and it helps me in set up the thoughts I have on the take-home exam I need to finish. It’s my last exam for my summer semester, and I just can’t wait to finish it. It was such a boring class, and the fact that my presence was mandatory in classes just pissed me off. I mean, I’m in university now, isn’t it my responsability to decide if I go to my classes or not? Why should the teachers make it mandatory? At least, there was some points allowed for our presences there (thank you!), but if I decide that I just don,t want to go to a class, who are they to force me to it?

Anyway, I’ll stop with the ramblings and rantings…

It should be a busy week. I’ll be seeing my boyfriend tonight, than I’ll have to do some stuffs for Fuzion4 Communications (the company I just joined!), mostly webdesign and coding. Yeahhhhhh, it’s been too long!

Oh, and I’ll have to redo my website…again. I feel unsatisfied. It’s like my hair, I always need some new changes!

A new life has come for me…

I thought that I would take my next school year relax and just concentrate on school, homeworks, socializing and reading. Wrong! I will now have to add a new project, or job, in my timeline and schedule: I am now associated with 4 others persons in a company.

Yup, I am trying myself in the business world.

Quite scary, I know. At 25 years old, I was starting to feel a void in my life. Except school, my boyfriend and my friends, it was quite simple: no stress, an easy schedule, fun, procastination and leisures. But now, a friend of mine convinced me to join their company. I’ll be in charge of the webcreation and webdesign department. I’ll be the director of the branch. I’m happy. It still frightens me, but I love the challenge that it will bring me professionally. We already manage to grab some contracts, and it seems to be promising!. Joy!

Sooooooooo, the vacations!

I am back from vacations. A nice week out of town, rolling on the roads of the province. The Lac-St-Jean/Saguenay region…just marvelous! Nice people, gorgeous views and the nature there…so nice! We arrived at Saint-Félicien monday afternoon, and stayed there two days. We went to the Zoo of Saint-Félicien, and there, I saw so many animals and took many pictures…It is an interesting zoo, as the animals live free in their areas, and we walked around them, some times in a cage, sometimes in the nature. I loved it.

Then, wednesday, we ride all along the Saguenay river and the Fjord, and we made a stop at Anse-Saint-Jean to admire the view of the fjord…just…amazing! Breathtaking…The nature there. The silence. No cell entering the region. it was absolute happiness! I might go back there for vacations next year.

After, we arrived wednesday night at my friend Lorien’s house in Charlevoix’s Port-au-persil. A nice little village lost on the border of the St-Lawrence river. He lives at the top of a mountain, so it was pretty cold by night. But it was relaxing and calm. The boys went for some kayak thursday morning and I just slept in the bed, really happy to catch up all the sleep I missed.

Friday, we left for the party at my friend Christian’s little house he rent in Lac Labelle, 30 minutes north of Mont-Tremblant. A nice place, a nice lake, some cool people, and a bright sky good for some star-looking and gossiping. Another relaxing stop on our road.

We came back sunday night. Happy that we were home, but sad at the end of our vacations. I enjoyed it, it was the first time I was with my boyfriend for some vacations. It went just well, so I guess I can predict that if we start living together or going again on some longer vacations, we wont try to kill each other or have a fight.

Well, this is the global points of our trip in the north of the province last week. Now, back to reality. I haev to study for my finals. Damn.

A post before I leave for vacations…

so sorry i haven’t posted something for a while. I have been busy with school and stuffs, life just kept me busy from the web for a while. So, the news…

I’m leaving next sunday for my boyfriend’s house and monday morning, we are leaving for our vacations in Lac-St-Jean! I can’t wait! I’m just so excited to leave with my boyfriend for some well-earned vacations. I just feel that after it, we will be pretty busy with going back to school, working, studying, and life in genereal, to have some quality time together. That sucks, I know. But, I’ll be spending a lot of my time at his place, as his friend is leaving for minimum 4 weeks in Gaspésie for the work. My boyfriend will feel pretty alone in his appartment, so I will occupy some of his time and space! 😛

right now, I can’t really thing of anything more to write. I’m a bit tired, too. Guess I will just go and study on my terrasse, it’s sunny outside.

have a good day folks.